In another month the year is half gone: A salient thought and one which guides us to the way we could navigate the future. No doubt we hit the high note at Newark Well Being Market. And now, with the clearance of restrictions after May 17th. We can open the trading floor to a fantastic Visitor experience. There is a restriction on numbers allowed to attend any specific venue: and all of our venues have an excess capacity of any previously recorded attendance. So no issues with organising any Well Being Event.

If there is any more need to evidence the ability of Community-Exhibitors to enjoy an excellent Well Being experience I offer you this video as a record of what was attained using the Well Being Market Formula. And with lifting of restrictions after May 17th we can really expect a series of superb events for the remainder of this year:

I have never known such interest from people desiring to stand at The Well Being Events. And there seems to be a common thread of questions: I do not know why there is such a central focus: but here are the answers to the eight reoccurring.

First Question from counsellors: “Do we have to charge a minimum price for a reading?” The answer is “NO!” – We do not enforce anyone to charge a minimum fee. And we do not insist on CD recorders or recording of the consultation. After all, every phone has a recording facility and if a client wishes to record there is no issue here. So as to clarify the situation: We limit the number of counsellors as a percentage of stands: rarely would we exceed 12. We do not become involved in the relationship between client and reader. And the counsellor sets their fee.

Next question! Vaccination. I do not know why people ask the question. If someone wishes to have a vaccination or not is none of our business. In the same way as any medical intervention: it is a personal choice. It has been inferred that we should preference Visitors and Community-Exhibitors who can evidence vaccination. We follow government guidelines and there is no indication that we will have to ask for this information. Let’s be clear here: we are an events organiser and we’ll follow every guideline. It is for the people involved to make their choices.

Next Question: “Will I have to write a risk assessment to stand at your events?” The answer: Where have you been told that you’ll have to assess the safety of your stand? We’ll have nearly 100 Community-Exhibitors at Lincoln Well Being Market. Do you really believe it would be possible to review 100 safety assessments? Not only this: the majority of stall-holders wouldn’t have the first idea of how to present the assessment! So, No you can stand without this burden.

Next Question: “Can I see your SAG safety assessment for Newark and Lincoln?” The answer: Yes: no problem with Newark: it is eight pages long and you can read it in about ten minutes. But, it will be out of date and of no use as SAG are no longer involved in events of our size. There is no need for assessments after May 17th and if there were safety assessments required: they would need to be written close to the event dates to comply with up to date guidelines. Past assessments would have no relevance: as they are not required.

Next Question: “Do you ask for rolling deposits?” The answer: No. Rolling deposits go back to the old days when there was a belief that the deposit in some way secured a place to stand at an event. We use large venues which can accommodate large numbers of Community-Exhibitors. And what why would we need a deposit? The stand fees cover our expenses and allow for a reasonable profit. I do not want to have another separate account to hold deposits.

Next Question: “Where do you advertise?” The Answer: Our choice is to promote events and Community-Exhibitors 24/7/365 days a year. You are reading the continuous promotion of Well Being and Pure Spirit Events. This has always been our policy. Whenever we have used local press or magazines we have seen no evidence that they are effective. Our social media presence is growing and will continue to grow. We also have a substantial and verified email list which is used to great benefit.

Finally: “Stand Prices?” Here are our stand fees: We have no issue with publishing stand fees which are considered fair for the facilities provided.

Counsellor – £200
Therapy – £100
Retail – £120 extra tables – £100
Charity – £75
Author – Information £75

The fees are for all events for 2021 they are set to allow Community-Exhibitors a fair chance to return to business. Whatever we can do to help people in the pursuit of regaining their future will be available.

I’m looking forward to an immensely successful Lincoln Well Being Market. One which will be on full stream for the months ahead. The interest is superb and is a reflection of what the Community-Exhibitors attained at The Newark Well Being Market. Well done everyone.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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