Christine is one of our most popular Spiritual Counsellors: She has enjoyed great success while attending The Well Being Events. Christine is a private person and it is nice to find out a little more about her work.

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Mystic Christine – Black Cat Tarot Reader

During my childhood my father was in the services which required us to travel the world.  I saw other cultures and peoples and could relate an affinity to other religions. 

As a child I first met one of my guides.  At the time I did not realise that this vision was a guide but I quickly became used to the guide’s presence particularly when I was unwell or needed help.

From an early age I had an insight into spiritual aspects and although not realising it at the time, I gained an inner peace with nature.  I passed through several schools and started my working career which developed into the quality audit sphere of operation, this involved meeting with and handling clients and their requirements.  This gave me the personal quality of handling people and their needs and aspirations, a skill was later to become invaluable in my later psychic work. 

I was fortunate to be able to take early retirement which gave me the chance to develop my interest in spiritual areas.  However, before I could fully embark on this I had a serious illness from which I am now fully recovered.  During this illness I has a near death experience seeing trees and animals and my spirit guides which seemed to pull be back from the brink.  This profound experience led me to sincerely believe in the power of spirit and the inner peace of the existence of an after life.  I felt spirits were protecting me and helping me to fully recover.  

My path was now clear to me – develop my psychic abilities to help others.  Following the passing of my beloved mother I had a reading with Simon Goodfellow.  He encouraged me to move further down the path and to enhance my psychic abilities.  The journey involved attending a series of courses run by Simon during which time my psychic abilities were fine tuned and I worked with my wonderful spirit guides. 

I was presented with a certificate by Simon Goodfellow for my achievement in advanced mediumship and progressed as a professional medium in 2014.  This achievement could not have been possible without the expertise of my guides.  

My spirit guides have become more powerful and complex and allow me to have a more fuller life.  They also allow me to conduct my readings using tarot cards with confidence, accuracy and sincerity. 

My affinity with nature, in particular with animals has prompted me to use the title ‘Black Cat Tarot Reader’ since I have the spirit of a black panther with me always.  

I provide readings at spiritual fairs and festivals and am a member of the spiritual workers association.  

Contact details: 

t: 07467 247518


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