We have decided to re-publish Liz’s Sunday Thoughts. The message is so very important for this weekend’s Well Being Market. We are leaving the most difficult time in many people’s living memory, and for this reason, I’m asking those who are Attending Community Members and Attending Visitors to share and encourage people to enjoy the Well Being Event this weekend. A few sharing clicks will make a difference! Many thanks for your help and kindness 🙂

Be Part of A Very Special Event

I think my favourite Sunday Thought is the one written a week before the opening of an event. I like to write, ‘In a week, we will have opened the doors to the Well Being Event. And we’ll know how it will have faired’. I’m asked many times by potential Community-Exhibitors, “What is the footfall? Will the event be busy? How do you feel the event will turn out?’ and as many of you know, my answer consistent: ‘You will fair as well as the effort you put into promotion and presentation’.

Six days are leading up to this landmark Lincolnshire Market. And it is another landmark. Because whatever we do during the event will leave a legacy for the next event. The message must be loud and clear this week: ‘If you are standing or exhibiting at The Lincolnshire Well Being Market on the 5 + 6 of June 2021. You are guided to work harder on promotion in the next six days than previously.

We are rebuilding past achievements and rebuilding our futures. Each new Visitor who comes to The Lincolnshire Well Being Market can become a long-term or permanent Visitor. And every regular Visitor should be made aware that your Well Being Market is open and ready to provide people with the Well Being message.

A reminder of the achievements of The Newark Well Being Market

Community-Exhibitors will build on the previous success of last months Well Being Market. And we will not lose the vital momentum of the last market if we ensure everyone promotes this coming week. All that is needed is to go to LizianEvents Facebook Page and share daily posts. Go to LizianEvents News and use the social media buttons to share information about the Lincolnshire Well Being Market.

If you are an attending Community Member, be sure everyone on your social media pages knows you are attending the Lincolnshire Well Being Market. And if you have not provided sufficient information about your work, please spend a few moments to amend your data (use the contact form at the end of this article). 

I am still receiving questions about attending this event. If you feel you can make a contribution to the event, contact me for information. Be assured we will provide every opportunity to make your event easy to attend and to reward.

That’s all for today: I’m looking forward to a busy and fulfilling two days this weekend. I’m sure everyone who Visits or takes part is going to make memories which last a lifetime.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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