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When we chose the name ‘Well Being’ seven years ago, many people pointed out the spelling was incorrect! The comments were, ‘Surely this should be wellbeing?’

However, the meaning of our brand ‘Well Being Events’ expresses the idea of Visitors attending to find ways to become a Well Being: or finding wellness and health. Wellbeing has a different interpretation: wellbeing is a state of happiness and emotional security. A Well Being is someone who searches for ways to find health, happiness and inner-security.

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

There are many facets to this quest. Material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual balance is holistic and requires understanding. Attending a Well Being Event means the Visitor can review concepts of Well Being purposefully. In addition, each visit will mean Visitors can meet and talk to Community Members interested in this crucial aspect of life’s journey.

This is not to say every Visitor will resonate with every Community Member! However, they can choose aspects that resonate with their inner-being. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to talk with Community-Exhibitors about any part of their quest to find ways to a contented, happy and healthy life. Because each one will have an idea that can help with the exploration of wellness.

We knew the idea would captivate the minds of many people. Indeed, many have followed the wording and tacked it onto their promotions. Of course, we are pleased about this attachment, as it establishes the idea has great merit.

The idea also means the Community of exhibitors has become more focused on the original objective. As the years have passed, the depth and breadth of exhibitors have changed. Some do not find the idea works for them, and others have become dedicated to the Well Being concept. And as the years have passed, the events have evolved into an incredible Well Being Experience. And this evolution will continue…

The idea is in constant evolution. Anyone who searches LizianEvents News’s early articles will discover reference to the initial (and ongoing) concept: one of community-driven and non-profit focussed events. Something which is no easy task! As many have questioned the idea and whether the foundational ideas are a reality. However, the fact is people are beginning to see the consistent dedication to meet and exceed the original idea.


Shared Information

Just a casual glance at the Community lists and the depth of the growing assets available to both Community and visitors proves the ethos and ethic of the Well Being Brand. Evidence is in the actions, not in the supposition.

Community and Visitors recognise the potential of the holistic approach of The Well Being Brand. Video – podcast – live streams – directory and of course daily articles on LizianEvents News are 365 days a year assets and all free of charge for the use of Community and Visitors alike. One could consider the Well Being Brand as a Well and living Being!

As mentioned, we are in constant evolution. The Well Being Events attended today are light-years from the original shows. And no doubt the events we love and enjoy now will be a distant memory in a year.

Great Visitor Involvement

But one certainty is this: as we all evolve, the Well Being Events have become secure platforms for the Community to build their brand. If they take advantage of the facilities available and share their and their fellow community friends work. Another certainty is that people who attend the Well Being Events are repeatedly returning. They are seeing more tremendous success. It is worth considering the fact people are building successes by exhibiting regularly at Well Being Events.

So, why Well Being? The object is to attend a Well Being Event to find ways to become a Well Being. And No! Just attending an event does not mean a magic wand of success is present. But, those who work and give their very best will become part of a growing and undoubtedly influential brand.

On offer for the Community:

A unique and free promotional platform – LizianEvents News
Superb ‘built for purpose’ venues
Fair and highly competitive stand price
365 days a year promotion
Working with a dedicated Community
No stand restriction – Community set their product prices
Fair allocation of stand genre
Turn up and trade – with a generous trading area
No rolling deposits
Payment invoiced 4-5 weeks before each event
A straightforward and fair organiser attitude

And that is why the Well Being Community are also Well Beings!

See You Soon

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