Holistic healers and therapists are very welcome Community members at Well Being Events. They are one of the main reasons. Visitors travel to enjoy the alternative ways of finding Well Being.

One question asked is: ”Can there be too many therapists?”

And the answer is simply ”No”.

Most of us accept that one reason to visit a Well Being Event is to connect to diverse and professional Well Being practitioners. A Visitor will not resonate with every therapist. They may prefer massage to Reiki or spiritual healing to herbalism. And with many different aspects to alternative healing, the better the range of availability, the more reason to attend.

Therapists realise they have to build a reputation and client base. And attending a Well Being Event helps to attain this objective. Clients become accustomed to specific therapies. However, they are more than willing to enjoy a different treatment. We know many do not experience one therapy at an event. Many have two or more sessions.

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It is accepted, the therapist has worked to attain the highest degree of competence. Visitors attending a Well Being Event can be sure every therapist has worked hard to become qualified in their field of expertise. Some attend to promote their therapy centres, and others prefer to work over the weekend. Either way, both objectives can be attained. 

It is essential for Visitors to feel at ease with the holistic healer. Still, they must feel comfortable with the environment. No doubt they do so at a Well Being Event. Ample space and security are at the forefront of the organiser’s mind during the set-up of the floor area—something that instils confidence in the therapist’s client.

From light therapy to crystal healing sessions, every genre has a place at an event. Visitors are becoming attracted to the life coach’s work and a growing interest in NLP and hypnosis: this is evidence of the success of Well Being ideology. People love to review and learn about new ways to live a happy and balanced existence.

What Of The Doubters?

People make their choices. We live in an informed world. Therefore, if they feel holistic or alternative therapy is worthy of trying, they will do so without reservation. And many people do indeed love their ways to Well Being. Holistic and Alternative therapists do not make outrageous claims: they wish to gain long-term clients. Therefore they will explain their therapy with clarity and honesty. 

Those who doubt the therapies will never change the minds of those who believe in alternative treatment to help them to wellness. Indeed, attempting to ”change a viewpoint” will result in a more fixed belief in the process. Some love alternative work. Others do not: this is the way of life.

Anyone who has worked in the world of alternative therapy knows there is immense kindness involved in the work. For example, people who work with Reiki and crystals are connected on a high spiritual level. Few would argue the intent of their work is of the highest order: as are the spiritual healers. And let us be clear, none with any ethical values will make extraordinary claims. Remember, they are responsible and fair-minded people.

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When we review the great spiritual masters, we will find many references to healing and finding solace. And this belief has flowed through generations: and continues to this day. There should be no fear of the idea or possibility that alternative or holistic healing is a dangerous concept. It is explored and enjoyed by millions of people.

There is no claim here that conventional healing and medical practices do not offer unique and wonderful cures. And no one should dismiss professional medical treatment. The attainments of medical science are beyond question. But there is a place in millions of people’s lives for complementary therapies. From spiritual to homoeopathic, there is a place for alternatives in many people’s lives.

Visitors to a Well Being Event can learn about and enjoy alternative therapies. And why not? We are free to make personal choices.

See You Soon

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