Two weeks ago we recorded a LizianEvents Facebook Live (LEFL) with Mr Rick Paul. It has become a very successful account of Rick’s work and his ideas. In the LEFL Rick talks about his work and future, and of course the ‘Live’ finishes with a very fast two-way Tarot interpretation lesson.

I listened to two customers at the LizianShop talking about how much they enjoyed the recording after watching it on ‘catchup’. So in keeping with the new policy of republishing the LEFL’s here on LEN: here is the recording. It is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys Rick’s work.

In line with our policy of extending the reach of Well Being Brand Events. We are recording a weekly LizianEvents Facebook Live (LEFL). The recordings are available on LizianEvents Facebook Page as a ‘catch-up’. And we will also publish the video here on LEN.

Anyone who has an interest in Well Being or has a product service or business connected to Well Being can become a guest on LEFL. Do not underestimate the reach of this service!

If you look at the figures to your right: It is easy to see how great the organic reach of the LizianEvents Facebook Page has become.
Incidentally: You will see the page likes are low! But this is a fact of social media. Visitors will engage on posts but they will not always like or share!

LEFP Stats: LizianEvents Ltd

If you desire to build awareness of your brand it makes sense to consider becoming a guest. Use the form below to contact Liz or Ian for further details. Becoming a guest is a simple process. We email you a link and once clicked, you can come onto the LEFL. The process works fine with an up to date phone (iPhone or Android) or laptop or desktop.

Any Questions or Interest in becoming a LizianEvents Facebook Live Guest or Community Member? Then use the email link below:



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