I do not suppose anyone could be as happy as me at this moment. The Community’s efforts are really taking momentum. I expect to announce the Newark Well Being market will be full to the capacity (allowed at this time) of the Lady East Wood Centre. This is great attainment for the Community and is evidence that many people are determined to make the most of the present situation and the necessary safety guidelines. We should look forward to an exceptional event during the Newark Well Being Market.

Please review the Newark Well Being Market page to see the updated and very healthy list. Link Here

I do not know if my next comment is of greater importance. It is; The events later in the year are also gaining exceptional interest and bookings. And many will be surprised at the number of new names who are joining the Community. Indeed, Community and Visitors will be seeing a return of some old names! Something which is a further indication of the strength of the Well Being Brand.

I believe we are at a very important time in the progress of The Well Being Brand. Traction and interest in everything we are doing to promote The Community and future events can be seen every day on my email list. The diversity of questions is another indication of the breadth of awareness:

Examples of questions asked:

Are you organising events in other areas?
How do I present my art?
Can I perform music and dance?
Do you have room for food stands?
Have you any availability for beauty treatments?
Do you encourage Vegan stands?
I’m a writer: do you think my books will sell?
Is there room for clothing sales?
Could I sell food products?

Questions about stands:

How much space is there around my stand?
Can I have more than one chair?
Do I have to pay to put up banners?
Do I have to provide covers?
How big are the tables?
Can I bring an assistant?

These are a few of the questions I’m asked most weeks. The point is: interest is diverse and clearly people wish to know about the ease of exhibiting. These questions are evidence many people are looking at our events platform.


I would like to take this opportunity to write about promotion. One of the consistent questions asked is where do you advertise? Many people are shocked when my reply is ‘We do not’. I remember Angie of BSSK use to talk about immense advertising costs. And the great thing about Angie was she always evidenced where her money was spent. All exhibitors received a list of publications and advertisement placement. In those days: Local news papers were effective marketing media: today they carry no weight in our genre. Specific magazines have merit: however they are expensive and I feel they do not offer a good return. For every 500 pound spent we would need 100 people through the door to cover the expense. And when we have run both newspaper and magazine advertisements our door surveys evidence less than 2% of Visitors learned about the event through paper media. So we choose to encompass social media. And as readers will know: we are relentless in this promotional activity. I have asked Ian to put up some statistics for your to review.

Active Members: LizianEvents Ltd

In the column on the left, you will see the amount of active member on the LizianEvents Facebook Group. The Number of members is 1400. So from the graph, it is easy to realise the group is healthy and very active. As you can see on the 7th of June we peaked at 700 visits! An amazing number. And even though the numbers dropped on the 17th of June to 375 visits this is still an enviable number of interactions.

LEFP Stats: LizianEvents Ltd

The left hand column tells an even more interesting story. Between the 19th of May and 15th June LizianEvents Facebook page reached 20672 people. But more important is the post engagements. In any reviewers book 6117 post engagements is a phenomenal number for an individual enterprise with a daily closed genre.

Combine the organic reach of The LizianEvents Facebook group and the LizianEvents Facebook page and the figure is around 34000 engagements each month. And this does not include the average 8000 visitors to LizianEvents News

The point here is we choose not to advertise because our reach is better than any other media. And the figures are reflecting in the growing number of Community Members and Visitors.

Agreed it is not an easy task. Ian works an average of seven hours a day promoting the social media sites!

It is evident that anyone who takes advantage of the available social media streams and LizianEvents News will gain new clients and help their success. And as more people become involved and share the posts and information, the greater the reach of the Well Being Brand organised by LizianEvents Ltd. So why not think about using the facilities? There are Community Members who gain plenty of traction by posting on the sites. And when it comes to exhibiting at any of our events, is it any wonder that the people who choose to use LizianEvents Social Media and Internet streams are busy?

Why Not Become a Guest?

Anyone who becomes a guest on a LizianEvents Facebook Live. Will, in future, have their ‘Live’ become an article. And if they have updated or indeed sent in Community Profile information the video will be posted on their profile. The profile addition will look something like this:

Watch Liz Clark talk about The LizianShop and the products she has available

Viewers will be surprised at the amazing, rare, and costly items Liz will review in this one-hour presentation. As many already know, Liz has traded in crystals and minerals for nearly twenty years. The LizianShop is based in the covered Victoria Market in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre.

This Facebook Live is a fantastic way to get to know Liz, her work and products.

No doubt you can see the potential to promote your business or work by using this connection. How do you become a guest? Reply using the email link below:

Well, these were my thoughts for this week. Many thanks to Ian for working with me to put this article together. I feel it is important for Community Members to know where their stand fees are spent. Putting the trio of LizianEvents News – LizianEvents Facebook Page – LizianEvents Facebook Group into a cohesive and effective media stream is no easy task and there’s a substantial investment in equipment and time to make the Community as visible as possible. There is amazing potential in the massive platform we have built and it will only grow. Ian comment’s ‘We are nowhere near the break-though point – but when we hit the right numbers – nothing will halt the growth of our Community and Events’ and I for certain believe him.

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

Wish to become a Community Member – Become a guest on LizianEvents Live – or need further information? Use the email link below:



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