A review of John Richardson’s Mediumship Oracle Cards ~ Part Two

The second part of the review of John’s deck will consider three cards chosen at random and a three-card spread also chosen at random. It is hoped the reader will make their own contribution to the interpretation. It is also worth remembering that the cards are also designed to help the mediumistic inclined to connect their guide/guides. This review is centred on the cards being tested as a meditational aid or usable as a ‘readers’ deck.

It is not within the scope of the review to look at each card in turn. So three cards are chosen at random and then reviewed in turn. Finally, a three-card choice is made to see if groups of cards can easily be resolved

John Richardson: LizianEvents Ltd

First Card – Proceed With Caution

We see an explorer about to negotiate a suspended bridge. Is it clear the bridge is strong and secure? At first sight the blue side rails look robust. However, close inspection of the wooden slats which support the traveller questions it they are fit for purpose.

Therefore, the cards seems to ask ‘Is the crossing important?’ And if the need for change is acknowledged, there may be danger in the exercise. Although, as we know, sometimes making major changes will involve some risk and possible catastrophic outcomes.

Does the bird of prey offer the idea of guidance? Or is it ready t pick up the spoils of failure? This is a difficult quandary.

When looking at the explorer. He seems well prepared for the journey ahead of him. The rucksack and hipster bag are full and well secured. Does this indicate the explorer is capable of negotiating the hurdles ahead?

The blue of his jacket indicates a certain calm. But the red of his trousers guide toward dangers. So here is a difficult paradox. A calm body is supported by the thought that the time ahead could be dangerous and place the explorer in jeopardy.

How would you interpret this card?

John Richardson: LizianEvents Ltd

Second Card – Nature

Two lovers? Sit in the shade of a tree. The tree is old, its trunk is wide and strong. And the season must be late spring of summer as the leaves are green and well defined.

The sun is low in the sky. Does this indicate morning rise or evening set? And why would the sunbeams seem to flow through the two young people?

In the foreground: There are many red flowers. Red is often associated with passion and drive. But the reference to blood should not be ignored. The blood of life perhaps?

Does the imagery indicate there is more to it than the word nature? May it indicate reflection upon new love: Adam and Eve or the warmth of relationships. All three thoughts are of natural nature.

There is every reason to consider the cards with more depth and breadth. To associate the symbolism only with nature would limit the possibility of an informed and beneficial reading.

On another level: the idea of being connected too: or being within a natural environment comes to mind.

How would you resolve the image?

John Richardson: LizianEvents Ltd

Third Card – New Learnings

This card’s imagery certainly suggests New Learning. But the imagery does not instil modern perception of learning. Today’s classrooms are as far away from black board and chalk as possible to imagine.

So are the ‘New Learnings’ needed to override the lessons of the past? If this is the idea bought into one’s imagination then it has the potential to make potent changes,

So does the card specifically ask ‘Do we have to consider that old and outdated idea should be addressed and if found wanting, new lessons could be found as most beneficial?’

Again we see red and green colours. This time within a black and white picture. Is the imagery reinforcing the idea that new ideas will be beneficial?

Furthermore: Is this card-specific? The classroom indicates formal lessons. And therefore, is there an indication of structured learning being the way to overwhelm outdated ideas?

Without doubt this basic assessment can be taken much further. On the mediumistic level: does the symbolism give an idea of the spirit guide’s purpose?

Can a Trio of Cards be Easily Resolved?

John Richardson: LizianEvents Ltd

Three cards are selected at random and the order is also random.

On a basic level, one could make a statement: ‘A new relationship will thrive if it is protected’ And from that first statement, could make a rewarding and beneficial reading. But let’s take away the names and numbers from the interpretation. What do we see?

Both the lovers (for they can only be lovers) have enjoyed an evening of happiness. The evening dress and braces worn with a formal suit suggests this without question. The moon is covered by a heart, and to my mind, the imagery is indeed one of an intense relationship. Although, do not dismiss the idea that the relationship is not longstanding. Many couples (married or no) experience a renewal.

Again without the numbers and names, the first card indicates a fight between good and bad. Look at the two angels on the left. Are they in conflict? It seems so. And the dark hooded figure is staring into a bright light and lightning flashes. Does this indicate a conflict ahead or one overcome? Does one of the lovers have to protect the other, or should they be unified in their quest? To my mind, the relationship is not seen as an easy one as the imagery suggests. However, the middle card indicates long-term success. Even going as far as great attainments. They hold the whole world in their hands.

With certainty, many will interpret the cards in differing ways. And of course a professional reader will give their interpretation without reservation. This writer hopes that readers will see the incredible potential of these cards as keys to providing a super and in-depth consultation.


The most difficult aspect of a readers work is to resolve groups of cards. And there are many cards that look beautiful, but cannot fulfil this essential aspect. It is one reason Rider Waite Smith and its tens of clones has stood the test of time. It is the most difficult aspect to achieve.

John Richardson’s Mediumship Oracle Cards are exceptionally easy to read. It is clear they are of a highly intuitive nature and provide more than enough information to open the doors of the imagination. It is within the mindscape of the imagination where spirits and indeed demons become manifest. And to many people, it is within these mists where guides and entities communicate. I would imagine many will gain great awareness from working with this deck. Whether a novice learning the oracle: a student of mediation or a full-time professional reader John Richardson’s Mediumship Oracle Cards have a place in their library or on their table

I’ve already covered my reservations. No doubt many will have no concern and use the card and gain immense pleasure for their ownership and use. These are rewarding and sound cards and are worth getting to know. From the all too brief considerations of the three cards above, it is easy to see how adaptable the deck is to interpret.

The final conclusion is this is an excellent deck. And will reward with mediation and careful consideration of the images and symbolism. Buy without reservation: they are superb and unique.

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