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When Richard Abbot contacted me two weeks ago he said ‘I’d like to send you a copy of my new book: What’ the best address? It will not fit through the letter box!’ Anyone who knows Richard realises he is never prone to exaggeration: The book would don’t fit through a letterbox.

I am an immense fan of Richard’s work. His writing style is clear, defined and easy to understand. But he also waves a magic wand over the content to make the read an immense pleasure. If you have an interest in spiritual ideas, Richard will never fail to push your thinking to the limit. He does not dictate, he informs and evidences the content.

Soul Strong is a big book by any standard. 650 pages – 155 chapters. The author has chosen to use short chapters: or jigsaw pieces: to construct an interesting picture of modern Numerology, Tarot, Magic, Ancient Philosophy and New (Old) Spirituality. he has set the goal posts Everest high, and from my first encounter: the realisation is one needs to be prepared for the ascent to the summit.

Soul Strong: Richards Abbot: LizianEvents Ltd

The reader will need to take possession of Soul Strong. Essential tools will be marker tabs, pencils and more than a few bookmarks (incense boxes make perfect bookmarks). There is a need to reference anything which stands out while reading the book.

If the reader decides to read through the book on a superficial level, they will soon realise how informative the text. I’d encourage the reader to annotate the book as it will not be long before one thinks ‘What did Richard say about Plato?’ or ‘What are the four soul levels of humankind?’ In a book of this size, it is easy to lose important references.

Soul Strong: Richards Abbot: LizianEvents Ltd

It is impossible to review this book in one article. I read between three and four books each week and never sequentially. Soul Strong will be reviewed over a two week period and the reviews will focus on how well the meditations work for me as a spiritual explorer. A spiritual explorer? Yes! There we never reach a destination while considering spiritual ideas, for there is no destination, only a continuing search for ways to balance the mind and find ways to become a Well Being. Sometimes a book such as Soul Strong comes into view and the ideas, suggestions and mediations open one’s mind to explore new horizons of soulful thinking.

For many years I was a member of Yahoo’s Med Tarot Group. In its early years, the group was fulfilling and tested the mind to the greatest degree. There were many brilliant thinkers who considered UA’s book Meditations of the Tarot with care. As is the way of many spiritual groups it became infiltrated with know-alls. All who failed to realise the word ‘spiritual’ of is a reference to a Quest without Destination. Their way, the only way, and they took comments which questioned their viewpoint personally. I’ve never forgotten the sadness as a once fine group became decimated by high-brow thinkers using corporate speak. I would think Soul Strong could easily become a central reference point for a similar group.

The Book’s Purpose:

I could put my lazy head-on and copy and paste the link to Richards website. However, the synopsis of Soul Strong is discovered in its title. I feel the book can be taken in three ways: 1. As a standalone book of ideas about the soul written by a first-rate writer. 2. As a basis for an extensive course in strengthening and understanding one’s soul. 3. As a basis for a study group: although the mentor must be the book itself. Do not think Soul Strong is a book of indoctrination or closed-door thinking. My initial delve into the chapters finds a book of varied and diverse ideas with a welcoming essence.

Soul Strong: Richards Abbot: LizianEvents Ltd

The two reviews will see if the content fulfils the promise.

We will consider chapters that have to resonate with my inner-being, or should I write ‘resonate with my soul?’

Soul Strong offers ways to navigate one’s life to better places. The promise is life can be improved from thinking about the suggestions and ideas put forward.

Over the next five weeks I will attempt to present my findings is an open-minded way. And the readers will decide if the book is worthy of purchase.

Soul Strong: Richards Abbot: LizianEvents Ltd

The purpose of The Well Being Brand is to help people find ways to become Well Beings. Every avenue of ideas should be considered during this quest. From holistic and alternative healing, psychology, counselling and meditation, to the vast array of talks and presentations: all have a place in the journey to Well Being. And of great importance to thousands of people are ways to consider spiritual aspects. ‘Soul Strong’ holds great promise by late July ~ early August we will have a good idea if the book can fulfil its promise. The first chapters bode well for Richard Abbot’s red book.

Next instalment 19st July

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