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I really do love what I do. I provide down-to-earth, direct, and compassionate psychic and oracle card readings to open up as much positivity, healing, and awakening in my sitters as is possible in our short time together. I also begin with psychometry (sensing energy from your jewellery) or graphology (reading your signature). I draw on the whole of my spiritual journey when working, which started when I was fortunate in meeting my first teacher – an international clairvoyant and medium, who kindly took me under her wing at the age of only 15 some 22 years ago. Since then, I have explored many spiritual traditions, including Paganism, Spiritualism, and Tibetan Buddhism, but I currently feel the most connection with channelling and Shamanism. In addition, I have worked giving private one-to-one sittings and readings to parties and worked as a platform medium. I most enjoy private one-to-one sittings, as these give me the chance to connect more deeply and intimately with the individual’s energies and those of their teachers/guides/helpers, which always feels more authentic to me than performing for an audience. 

Although I am primarily a reader, I see all my spiritual work and readings as healings. When receiving readings myself over the years, almost all of the ablest readers and teachers/guides/helpers have encouraged me to see this, so now I do. A reading with me will hopefully be a space where healing will occur and an increased understanding and awareness of your potential for creating a more positive future for yourself concerning what is. This is the balancing act of life, which only you can finally achieve yourself, but with which your and my teachers/guides/helpers and I can hopefully offer some helpful guidance and healing power.  

You can meet and enjoy a consultation with James during Well Being Events. He is a new and welcome addition to the growing and influential Community of Well Being advocates. For further information about becoming a Community Member or attending an event as either exhibitor or Visitor please use the email link below:

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