Newark WBM Future Thoughts

Tomorrow sees the opening of The Newark Well Being Market. The landmark will be the last event to conform to the covid guidelines for the foreseeable future. So we take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the WBM’s (Well Being Markets) over the last eighteen months.

It is easy to understand that many will not agree with the following statement ‘In years to come, we will see the 2019~21 crisis as nostalgic’. But, if one considers how many have pulled together to see the possibilities available. Therefore it is reasonable to accept the same mindset will take advantage of new opportunities in the coming years.

We listen to the idea that ‘nothing will return to normal. One will do well to consider there never was a normal. Never has been constant ‘ways of society’. Take yourself back to your childhood: was the world of 2019 the same? Did people think and act differently? Were the standards of ethos, integrity and morals the same as they are today? Of course not: the last 18 months have allowed us a once in a lifetime opportunity for reevaluation and self-assessment.

It seems there is little point in looking back to what used to be: the only place we can review our positions from is here and now. The distortions and frustrations of millions of people will not be resolved. An individual is helpless to change the weight of authority. Accept this and focus down on what is available. Your part in personal evolution will make a difference in your journey.

The Community has every reason to be nostalgic about their achievements over the last 18 months. Nothing will take away the fact that they took part in three Well Being Markets. The only events of this genre in this country during this crisis. Nothing can take away what has been attained.

Not only this: we recorded many podcasts and explored many new avenues of promotion to keep The Well Being Brand alive and current. Awareness of the Well Being Brand and The Community is at an all-time high. At a time when many businesses are fighting for survival, we are gaining strength. For example, the Nottingham indoor market is a sad reflection on the state of small business: tens of traders closed and will not return: a fact mentioned to demonstrate just how fragile the small business community has become.

The Well Being Community grasped the thorn. And continued to work with diligence to survive. But more than this, we have evolved, and the contributions made by nearly 100 people have made their mark. Everyone involved has kept the spirit of The Well Being Brand alight: none could dispute this reality.

LizianEvents Ltd will continue to support The Community for the remainder of 2021. The lowering of stand prices and security of stand fees are undisputed facts. The strength of this platform (LizianEvents News) our healthy and active social media sites are at unprecedented levels of activity. Podcast and video numbers are excellent. A combined monthly organic reach of 90 thousand is in the realms of national organisations.

Our long term plans are simple: New venues: Increase the appeal to Visitors: Expand the reach of our promotions. Over the next two months, Visitors to LEN will see significant changes to the show templates. New and better Community profile pages will include videos: stream links, and contact links for every member who participates in the promotional activity. We are determined to continue with a policy of improvement and evolution.

Further Promotion: Streaming is to become part of the Well Being Brand. We have invested heavily in production equipment and will continue to do so: Live streaming will, in 2022, become part of the trading floor and stage areas. Everything we can do to increase awareness will be done. Reinvestment into the organisation is set at a high percentage of profits: Printing, video and audio investment is essential to build the Well Being Brand. Next month will see an additional page on the front page of LEN. It is an advertisement for our streaming media service. And the profits made here will benefit The Community.

We are pleased to write: everything we have set out to do and every promise made public are fulfilled. It is fair to write there is no other events organisation of this size, in any genre, has our facilities and know-how! And every endeavour is centred on the success of the Community that make the events possible.

Let us look forward to the remainder of the year: We know the Newark Well Being Market will be a great success and passport to our future.

See You There

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