Tomorrow evening’s guest on LizianEvents Facebook Live will be Angela Barker. And I know we’ll be enjoying an hour of interesting conversation. No doubting the subjects will be varied: everything from incense to hocus-pocus and some Tarot Thoughts too! I take the opportunity to republish a recent article written by Angela as it will provide insight into this wonderful lady 🙂

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Angela Barker

Newfound Energy by Angela Barker

I woke up this morning with newfound energy, one that’s been a bit stagnant for a while. Well, I say a time, possibly around 18 months. I first noticed my energy waning before lockdown. Call it exhaustion; call it what you will. I will call it being spiritually and emotionally drained.

I realised this during the lockdown when I was a bit quieter. However, at the time I couldn’t do anything about it because I had no help from the UK Government (being newly self-employed) to put the food on my table (and I like food a lot!) So I had to keep on plodding onwards, feeling drained, feeling like I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep reading Tarot as much as what I do. 

It’s been going on for a while, and it’s been slowly getting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading for people and love being able to help and guide people. There is nothing better than seeing someone leave with a smile on their face and the weight being lifted. 

But here is the thing. I was getting drained and tired because of always having to “be on call”. Many people ask 10 -20 questions before they book in for a reading. And after the reading, a week (on occasions 3 years later) some contact me for clarification or to ask just ‘one more question’: and this can become hard work. Obviously, I help as best I can, but I tend to find that one question turns into 2-10 questions. Often extending to questions about friends and family, i.e. another and more extensive reading!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m ok to answer the odd question. But do I come into your workplace: pay for a service and then expect the same again for free? Or would we pay the bus driver to travel one-stop ahead and then stay on the bus for a long journey?  Saying, It’s ok. I’ll stay for another 3 stops because I’ve already paid for the last one?’

So yes, I was feeling drained spiritually. It takes time and energy to connect. It takes hours of working with the energy’s and cleansing, building up the rapport with them. It’s not an overnight process. It takes time to get to a level where I’m giving my energy and time to work well with clients. The amount I charge for one session (usually between 30 mins to 1 hour) has 2-3 hours of work involved: So, you can understand, the sessions, go beyond the consultation.

So this brings me back to today. I woke up today with newfound energy. This weekend we decluttered part of our living room. We threw away stuff that was no longer needed. We made piles of items to give to friends. And piles of items to recycle. A powerful and beneficial exercise.

Thinking about my work further: 

When I first started out making herbal incense, I did so under the ‘Earth Tree Healing’ brand. I had kept a lot of the stock from that enterprise, so I chose to use this stock to start making new products. And during the production, many memories are revisited. My new incense and products are now sold through my company Fenix Flames and there is an essence of the past in the products of the future: A real Fenix Flames moment!

I felt it was time to let go of the old and reclaim my space. And I’m really proud of Fenix Flames being busier than ever. And Sarah, my original business partner, would be so, so happy with the fact we hit a milestone last week with takings. A fantastic ‘best month ever in April’ excellent start to the new tax year. We also released another book last week with Fenix Flames Publishing which is always fun and exciting. I think this newfound energy came from the complete cleansing. The decluttering was a great thing to do.

And looking at what’s actually been achieved and how far all my businesses have come is also relevant. Going online during the lockdown and additional virtual selling sessions have aided my business. And the time and effort invested means my business has found its proper audience. Not only that, looking at the week ahead and seeing a full complete diary, and one I’m happy with, is a beautiful feeling. Good feedback, good reviews, a positive mindset, lots of hard work are some aspects of success. But, significantly: Working with integrity and not greed enhances my business and reputation.

I’ve even given myself some evenings and some weekends off. I’ve planned and coordinated, so I do have time to use my spiritual energy a little more ‘on me’ to develop myself further and sit in the energy sometimes. This has given me space to relax a little and breathe, which is essential. Without this, we don’t live; we just stay on that hamster wheel called life. So my final bit of advice is to get off the hamster wheel every so often, fill your pouches with good food and enjoy ‘you just you’!

More About Angela

Angela comes from a gypsy background, is a professional Tarot Reader and has a passion for using candles, herbs, crystals and oils within her magical work. Sarah’s speciality was making herbal incense, bath salts, soaps and oils. She left her legacy of recipes. We sell homemade bespoke products all made from our own recipes which we have tried and tested over the years.

Visitors are sure to enjoy a warm welcome when visiting the Fenix Flames stall. You will find Angela has immense knowledge of the Pagan culture. Many followers of the Pagan path seem to enjoy wonderful well-being and happiness.

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