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Enjoy an hour with Rick Paul talking about his work and ideas. Subjects considered are:- Spirituality in daily life. Can we become overqualified? Paradigm stories and, of course, a little card reading! Many viewers will see contributions from other Community Members, for example:- Lisa Davies, Garry Whit, Darren Stanton, Liz Clark and there are many Community Visitor questions and comments as well!

Rick Paul: LizianEvents Ltd

LEFL’s Reach 1000s of People

As you can see from the image on the left. The reach of a LizianEvents Facebook ‘live’ is astounding.

During the fourteen hours after the recording was made, the organic reach of the post was 898 People – from the organic reach. There were 386 engagements.

We know from our page statistics the numbers continue to climb for at least a month after the first broadcast. And figures exceeding one thousand are commonplace.

Furthermore: The number of viewers from LizianEvents News and the Vimeo Platform accounts for a further 500+ views.

Anyone who chooses to become a guest on a LEFL is bound to reach a substantial audience. There can be no doubt about the promotional potential for anyone who takes part in the ‘lives’.

Of course, the whole Community benefits from the LEFL’s. The productions are very much part of promoting the Well Being Brand and Marketplace.

It makes sense to become a guest.

How Easy Is The Process?

Fifteen minutes before the broadcast the guest is sent a link via Messenger or email. The guest clicks on the link and follows the simple instructions. The most difficult part is writing your name in the guest box! Any phone, tablet, lap or desktop will work for the stream.

The waiting list is growing! A fact which demonstrates how popular and useful the LEFL’s have become.

Any Questions?

Questions, suggestions, queries or ideas can be sent to the email link below:


  1. I do not think that it is possible to be overqualified spiritually. But it is not what you know, it is what you use of what you know that counts. Continuous improvement and enquiry is a good thing. Retaining focus on your objectives is equally important.

    I also think that there has been an explosion within the community of Readers in how they describe themselves, and what they do. Psychic, medium, reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach, therapist, Astrologer, Tarot Readers, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, ribbon Readers, psychometrists, there is a plethora of descriptions and services which can confuse the public, and the Reader. Clarity counts.

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