Many people watch the LizianShop Live’s on Thursday evening. So today’s article is focused on the LizianShop. Without the LizianShop, LizianEvents could never have grown into the respected events organiser it has become. And we acknowledge that shop customers very often become Events Visitors. Every bag given to the shop customer is stuffed with flyers and information about the Lizian Brand. And this is two-way traffic! Many Events Visitors become Shop customers.

Both Liz and Ian take advantage of the Facebook live’s. Both shows always have mention future events. And the guests are most often Community Members who talk about their work. Everything from holistic therapy – to retail – to the many aspects of Spiritual Counselling (Tarot – Mediumistic – Psychic – Rune – etc.) are covered.

There is no doubt that the Facebook ‘live’s’ have heightened the awareness of Community Members endeavour. As the weekly shows continue, so is the interaction between viewer and presenter. And many of the audience are contributing to the overall enjoyment of the hour-long shows. But more important is the amazing sharing of knowledge between all who interact during the episode. This was not anticipated but has become the most important part of the ‘live’.

Watch An Episode!

Keep On Contributing

After watching the LizianShop Live: it is easy to realise how contributing can raise your profile and people’s awareness of what you do. The LizianShop and LizianEvents ‘live’s’ are becoming a weekly magazine loved by many people. And this is excellent news for The Community and the future of the events.

Podcasts – LizianEvents Facebook ‘Live’s’ – LizianShop ‘Live’s – and the live streams all add up to a magnificent catalogue of Well Being Brand information. So jump onto the live’s and give an opinion or offer an opinion. The show is downloadable, so you can keep the file for your own use or edit it for your social media stream (please provide a credit). We have a long way to go before our objectives are fulfilled: but we are making headways.

Now here is a thought! If you want to become a guest presenter on a LizianEvents Facebook live! We can make it happen: consider the potential of this idea. Being able to promote your work and gain access to a vast audience without the problems of setting up a streaming service will be appealing to many people!

See You Soon

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