Last Two Events of 2021!

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Community Members and Visitors, keep a close eye on the final two events for 2021. These are shaping up to be magnificent Well Being Show and Pure Spirit experiences. Bookings are healthy in truth, better than expected. There is a real upturn in Community and Visitor confidence. 

The Staffordshire Well Being Show has absolutely demonstrated the eagerness to attend safe and secure events at purpose-built venues. And the feedback received from everyone who attended evidence the turnaround. The attending Community, Well Being Visitors and Venue management has no interest in the doom and groomers. We are Well Beings and wish to see a return to success and prosperity. In consequence, we work toward a happy and prosperous future. After all, those who believe in laws of intention should know: You get what you wish for! If you are going to talk the talk – it is best to live it!

Epic Centre Lincolnshire Show Ground

Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground
6 + 7 November

With around eight weeks to run before this event, we have 65 secure Community bookings. Plenty of interest from visitors who are already asking for talk schedules, menus and attending Community Lists. There is every possibility the magic 100 Community will attend. We could well see the four-figure Visitor numbers at this one. 

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents Ltd
Lady Eastwood Centre Newark Show Ground

Pure Spirit Show
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground
27 + 28 November

With ten weeks to go, this traditional MBS show will become the template for a great genre of shows. Think conventional MBS with readers and healers and retail. With additional magic: An extensive schedule of mediumistic demonstrations and a significant focus on the paranormal and paranormal investigations. Plus a particular interest in Past Life Stage demos.

A small group of judges will judge the mediumistic demonstrations. The very first Derek Acorah Mediumistic Award will be made at this event. This will immediately become a nationally recognised accolade for the winner and open many doors to their spiritual career. 

Barrie John is the figurehead of The Pure Spirit Show. Everyone involved will benefit from his thirty years of working in the field of mediumistic and paranormal investigations. Combined with twenty years of being the country’s most respected expert in the field, he has written hundreds of articles and appeared on television radio shows as a specialist contributor.

Those of you who love the Spiritual World will adore what awaits you at this event.

Keep an eye on the events pages over the next seven days: You will learn more of the exciting end to our calendar of events.

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