Answers To Questions about Pure Spirit

A few questions have been asked about the Pure Spirit Shows: Here are the answers to some of the most forwarded. There is no order to the questions:

Is Pure Spirit another name for a Well Being Show?

No: Pure Spirit is a business venture: There are three partners Barrie John: Liz Clark: Ian Timothy. Barrie asked LizianEvents to organise the Pure Spirit Brand. And he has full input over the format of the events. So NO: Pure Spirit is not a rebranded Well Being Show.

How will The Derek Acorah award work?

The award is a yearly award. The initial idea was to have countrywide ‘heats’. The crisis clearly closed this option down. Therefore online demonstrations will become an alternative.

I’m involved in paranormal work: How do I become involved?

You can exhibit as an information stand. Request a booking form and you’ll be allocated space.

Is there a limit on readers?

Yes: the limit will be no more than 20% of the stand numbers. This is a lesson learned from Well Being Events. It is a fair way of stand allocation. Readers must not work in a price-fixing cartel. This is an illegal activity and a criminal offence.

Will the awards be made during the show?

Yes: The Pure Spirit Show will close its doors at 16:30 on Sunday evening: The awards will be made at the 16:00 closing ceremony.

How many stands do you anticipate?

Without a doubt, this show will be fully booked. Anticipate 75 exhibitors.

What facilities are available?

Unlimited free parking: Superb food available: Two talk and presentation rooms.

How much are the stand fees?

Ask for a booking form and be prepared for a surprise!

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