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Life is tough. Situations we felt would work fail. People let us down and do not care. The manager is often wrong, and the day’s toil becomes more difficult. Everything seems more expensive today than last week, and the guy in front will not give way. Life can be challenging.

We look back and see mistakes: which seem to have more prominence than achievements. And what happened to all those old friends who supported you in dark days? You now realise they enjoyed the drama more than your plight. Life can be tricky.

The guru says life is a series of lessons choose long before birth. Another says: everything happening today is because of yesterday’s actions: but don’t worry, all that matters is today. Confusion reigns, and time is running out. The hourglass of life contains an unknown quantity of life hours. One certainty is that there are more grains of sand in the bottom vessel at some stage than above. No one sees another sixty years.


These are aspects of daily life. No one is exempt, a millionaire or pauper. The situations are the same. Only one individual wears a five grand Chanel dress, the other an Oxfam coat. The lottery winner is in a no man’s land; old friends complain you could help more: the greedy wealthy are envious of the millions which exceeded their wildest dreams.

Wherever you go and whatever you do today is part of the jigsaw of life. And it is a picture that can never be pieced together, So why not accept the incomplete picture? Why not talk to yourself today and say: ‘Do you know old friend? I’m just going to let everything go! If I’m in the queue, the music in my head is best. If the manager trapped by audits and figures make life difficult, we’ll smile and do as he desires’.

Life is tough: so knowing the truth is also good. No matter the plights of humankind. None really desire to enter the final sleep. Life, no matter how poor, is considered better than the silence of the eternal night.

There are a few people who know: having nothing means even a warm meal is wealth. Some earn a living and live in cheap homes without a mortgage or rent. Others live in mansions: but once the eye closes in sleep: the dream is the same. How one sees life is as simple as thinking: ‘Yes! Life is tough: but I can watch the sky, feel the rain, the warmth of the sun and smell the fragrance of a flower. Without the ability to think, I couldn’t sense the aspects of life.

Forget the ice of failure and despair! Today is for living and being thankful you can enjoy life: no matter what is happening. Think about this with care: the idea is not to focus on the concept’ Life is Hard’ but the certainty you are here to live and experience the issues!

Today the message is:

I’m here, and nothing is more important than this life: No matter what the situation say:

I am here – And Life is Good

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