Everyone says it – Very few follow the sentiment

What does chill mean? To many, it means to stay calm, be relaxed, and don’t worry. It is a powerful mindset to encourage. And it is one that, once harnessed, will result in better decision making and a more remarkable ability to assess situations.

How many times have you met the individual who watches and makes little comments? Here is the chilled attitude at work. Trying to second guess this character is an impossible task. No sign of opinion or suggestion of how they will deal with a problem can unseat most ‘active’ minded people.

There is no secret to this mindset. It is one quickly learned and cultured. However, it will not give instant results! People have to understand that you will not yield to demand without prior consideration. And walking away from a situation that has potential benefits is an extraordinary person’s asset. One which few can embellish as a life asset.

The chilled individual can be likened to a good poker player. They will test the water and be prepared to lose a little to sample another’s ability. They will also deliberately agitate: to push people into action. So, if you are considering taking the ‘chilled’ attitude, remember it does indeed stir many people.

How do they think? Well, they constantly think about plans and objectives. Being faithful to family, friends, and work colleagues. They do not hold grudges or consider being let down as an issue: knowing life has hurdles and people are ‘people’. They really attempt to work out situations they have no control over. ‘What is the point?’ is not an easy way out for them: it is a fair assessment of anything they cannot influence.

How do you become a ‘chilled’ individual?

You cannot become ‘chilled overnight! It is a mindset that takes many months of practice. And one cannot become ‘chilled’ unless the mind is taught to enter the chill room. The secret is to watch those who do not become agitated with a difficult situation. And one should begin to think calmly. For example, watching the news attempt to say, ‘How does this concern me? How will this change my life?’ And ask the question in depth. Learn to ask, ‘When did I come into contact with this situation?’ Rater than ‘That could happen to me. The word could is a long way from ‘That is happening to me.

Here are a few examples of how to live a heated life: So do not visualise yourself in these types of ‘hot’ situations:

The chances of you being killed in a plane crash are next to zero: and walking under a ladder will not result in losing the winning lotto ticket. If your best friend fails to get the job or pass the exam is not your fault. If someone asked for a loan, do not feel guilty because you refused. If you haven’t the money to go out: don’t think about staying at home: take the situation as a reminder to be more careful with finance.

Staying came and chilled is a powerful mindset. It is not non-caring or selfish. It helps more with physical wellbeing than any other. It is one that the inner-being adores. Being chilled is the enemy of obesity and weight issues. 

The ‘chilled’ individual is not a ‘cold fish’ or indifferent to other people’s issues: they are the best people to know in a crisis. So it makes sense to consider the mindset of the calm personality. The ‘way’ is not the answer to all issues: however, it is an aspect of the character worthy of consideration.

Chill Out, Man!

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