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When facing hurdles and our progress is questioned, the tendency is to offer an optimistic opinion and finish with a smile. In reality, the successful reply: ‘It is a difficult problem, and we are working on the solution. Probably, a solution cannot be discovered, and we’ll bow out gracefully if this is the case. We will give the project two more weeks, and if it doesn’t work, we will move forward to another project’. This is not admitting to possible failure: there is a reference to reality. Candid replies often close a conversation. What more could one ask about the above response?

If asked about possible progress, and the answer is: ‘I think we will see this through, it is a difficult issue, but we have the team who can possibly sort this out, maybe it will take a few more weeks, but I think we’ll get there in the end’. The reply is vague, and if the project is not completed: the team will lose face and offers of future projects.

Nothing instils greater long-term confidence than offering realistic answers: ‘In my opinion, is not an answer. ‘I have not the full facts to form an opinion is frustrating. Because the reply of the open-minded thinker is: ‘If you had possession of all aspects of this issue, could you formulate an answer?’

A realistic type of answer is: ‘Based on previous evidence: Mr Branson will protect his business assets before the people who work for the business.’ That is a clear and defined statement. It can either be right or wrong, but it is a clear answer.

There are only two acceptable answers to any question. And paradoxically, both are acceptable. The answers are yes or no! And it does not matter if the information in a defined response turned out to be right or wrong. Eric Fromm (for example) states: ‘People are more comfortable with a firm opinion, whether correct or incorrect than a vague answer.

Smiles are the same!

Fake a smile and be seen as fake. And people know the difference between genuine or not. Better to take responsibility and stay focused on the objective: than smile the fake smile of hope. If things are not going well: say so, and often people will pile in with help and support. And if all is good, share your success, share your wealths and ‘give’ a perfect smile! If you smile a genuine smile, you’ll be loved.

People appreciate genuine people: there is no escaping this reality.

Enjoy the day.

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