Thank you for your response to the four short articles published this week. Each one is part of a small book to be published in December. Its title is ‘Why Not?’ and the book’s sentiment takes the reader on a journey of ideas that are alternative ways to think about becoming a Well Being.

Alternative ways of thinking about objectives:

The last few months have become a part of a melting pot of ideas about where the Well Being Brand should be placed. Last week Liz and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to wellbeing practitioners in Kent. The idea was to see what they thought about a Well Being communication network. And the feedback has been fascinating indeed. Of no surprise was the fact everyone we spoke to had no idea of The Well Being Brand! Although, once our new friends took one look at LizianEvents News, the enthusiasm was incredible. It is most heartening to realise people can see the long-term objective: and we are grateful for some new suggestions for the events.

One certainty is there is plenty of people who have an interest in a network. But history demonstrates getting them to become an active part of the concept may be more complicated than ‘talking’.

How can we all learn from unexpected travels and meetings?
And how do the four essays work in life situations?
Here is a way of considering the essays:

Many people’ Sleep’ on ideas, and as time passes, the vision fades. And disappointment soon leads to apathy and failure. It is easy to say: Never give up, but there are no successes to build on if a project does not get off the ground. Yes! Rest is a fantastic asset of healing. But do not concern the healing process with giving up.

We have to be realistic. The majority of people working in this field are not full-time practitioners. Daily life comes in the way of desire and dreams. All of us know how difficult it is to juggle the ideal with reality.

It is a challenging mission! One has to endure significant obstacles and be dedicated to the objective. A need for constant reappraisal and the making of tough decisions can wear the initial enthusiasm. Early driven pursuit of the desire is dampened by a few minor setbacks, which accumulate into a deep questioning of the original plan.

Chill Out! Sometimes it is best to take a step back and chill out. The deliberate intention of taking focus away from the progress of a plan can mean it becomes a new plan again. One has to be definite about the reason for the relaxation. When one thinks: ‘I need to take a step back and cool down. I need to focus on my thinking and reasoning ability before going further’; magic will happen.

So if you are in a place of confusion: use the four words: Sleep – Realism – Tough – Chill and reset the ideas to zero. We did so over the last few days: talking to strangers and listening to their opinion about a media network and The Well Being Brand. We have many new and refreshing seeds to sow in the coming year.

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