Last week we were preparing to go to Kent with friends for a break. As life sometimes does: it threw a poor hand, and our friends fell victim to Covid. Hotel booked and all ready to go: there was little alternative than to drive down to Kent. All previous plans were now changed.

During the drive down, we decided to turn the break into a scouting expedition. Choosing to talk to people about The Well Being Brand and a few plans for the future. The response turned out to be excellent. Great lessons were learned, and new seeds of ideas for the future will go into the potting shed of growth: let’s see where the thoughts take us.

Ian is interested in setting up a Well Being Channel. And he spoke of this to our new friends. Frankly, I think some thought he was pushing the possibilities too far. But the more I listened, the more I realised the potential for this idea could become very useful to everyone involved in The Well Being Brand.

I do not want to make the studio a reality for at least eight months: feeling we have a long haul ahead in 2022. The novelty of any genre of events being open again will, like all novelties, wear off. And with a heavy and growing schedule of different shows and events planned in 2022, we should ask if there is sufficient long-term and sustainable interest to keep the shows viable. 

The Well Being Brand is rock steady for 2022 with two Newark, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire and Newcastle shows. Plus two or three Pure Spirit Events and a special one-off event Ian is putting together. My feeling is we have enough to work on over the next year. I have to concentrate on quality, not quantity. A comment made last week in Kent! And another statement I found myself saying was: ’That is not what the Well Being Brand is about’ when asked if we were an MBS show.

The intention is to work diligently over the next seven weeks to make the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and The Newark Pure Spirit Show first-class events. Ian and I have focussed with care on some of the complaints? No, observations made by Community Members since the Staffordshire Well Being Show: Again, difficult choices have to be made. Not everyone sees the long-term health of the shows as paramount to the holistic wellbeing of the Community! But those who know us realise we make choices based on the success of everyone we work with.

I met some wonderful people over the last week, and I’m inspired by how they have seen themselves through the crisis. None mentioned ‘New Beginnings or Reset’. There is a relief life has the potential to return to the happy madness of humankind. I agree with Ian. Humans do not like change: and we are like corks on the ocean. Most float to the surface no matter how hard the storm.

I’ll leave you with that thought for today. And I’m sure there are sufficient thoughts for readers to feel my concerns and optimism of the future.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd 

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