Set yourself up for a good and happy week:

If you have a busy job (every job is active these days), accept your toil as usual. If there are concerns about certain aspects of life, choose to work through the issues with respect for your own needs. Sacrifice can indicate high moral standards and ethics, but should you have to pay the price of resolution every time?

Approach the weeks as seasonal!

Why not enjoy the last few days of summer and welcome in the beauty of autumn? We are in the transformational moment of growth and harvest. Now is the rundown into the cold hibernation of winter. So the autumn’s transition can be a blueprint for the weeks ahead. Many wellbeing practitioners agree people who work with seasonal changes enjoy better mental and physical health. Reconnecting to nature and its patterns extend immense possibilities for long-term wellbeing.

While watching the leaves beginning to fall, consider the unknown possibilities and potential of letting go of old ideas. All of us have thoughts about unresolved situations: The sentiment here is doing jobs in different ways. Or learning how to accomplish tasks using new techniques.

Consider the worth of timetables: 

A day has twenty-four hours, so why not draw up a specific timetable? Twelve hours of work – eight hours of sleep and four flexible hours. Readers are bound to dismiss this idea. Believing they are a slave to work schedules and poor management. You could even have a special half-hour of ‘worry time where fearful thoughts are given an airing and then closed for the day or week!

Fill your mind with the good:

Remember, while you sit in front of the tv: the dramas affect your unconscious mind, which does not know the difference between right and wrong – and of more importance – illusion or reality. Think about this with great care. The storylines of soaps cannot be easily washed out of the mind-scape!

Don’t look too high – work it out:

People set themselves up, ready to fall. Expectations are set far higher than ability, and when the idea fails, the descent is fast and painful. Stay within limits, and achieving a sensible goal is the way to the stars. Think with care: ask: ‘Can I achieve this? Why do I have to prove anything to strangers?’ Failure has nothing to do with bad luck and everything to do with inability. You may think of loss as a stepping stone to success: when truth to tell, failure takes the inner-being down the many steps of anxiety, fear, worry and depression. Seeing a way out can seem impossible in the dark cellar of the mind, so why venture to this dark place?

So why not think today about learning to accomplish small tasks well rather than allow more significant jobs to fail. Why not say, ‘This week is my week: I’ll make the best of every moment. Taking time to accomplish a few simple tasks and completing unfinished chores’. Simple and positive thoughts such as these will accumulate into an impressive catalogue of brilliant results.

See You Soon

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