Heather Pedley has written another book. Those who love supernatural fiction will have to search far and wide before they can find a book to match this deep and enjoyable story.

Heather has created a character ‘Jules’: she is an interesting protagonist. Jules will appeal to any free-spirited woman. She is independent and has an enquiring mind. While going to an interview,, she is drawn to an individual, and as if by chance, she meets him, and the adventure begins.

Now! There is no way to entice you to buy this book by giving away any of the plots. The story builds by introducing layer after layer of characters. Some instantly liked, and others seem to have a sinister element to their personality. But do not worry. They have twists and turns aplenty to gain the reader’s intrigue.

A selection from Two Worlds

‘Life has been a mystery to humanity for so very long, does this sound far-fetched? Ridiculous even? Well, the universe is not what you think it is, it’s a far cry from your imagination and perception. And your world is in trouble… Time to wake up and smell the coffee…’
A seemingly chance encounter with a metaphysical being called Daniel. Jules can’t believe her eyes, but acts on an urge to follow. ‘I’m being drawn to do something, it’s like having an itch you can’t scratch… or one of those dreams you can’t quite remember. I thought, if I don’t go to him, I’m going to drive myself nuts.’
Governed by curiosity and a compulsion to get to the truth Jules must face the sum total of her fears to have her questions answered.
‘There are two worlds… there’s the world you live in, the one that you know, but there’s another world that is hidden,’ said Daniel. ‘It’s a world of ancestral knowledge, with strong, vibrational ties. Since the divide, a powerful few have locked humanity out, they have stolen your birth right and over the centuries conditioned you to believe only in what you see.’  
Jules embarks on a journey of discovery. By confronting her pain she is able to challenge the evil that controls humanity.
‘He looked up, his eyes met mine and Daniel smiled, very intently. He’d got me, totally, well and truly. ‘I’m here for you Jules… I’m here to save the world.’

Jules endures many difficulties (emotional and challenging) before the final page is turned. Heather takes the reader on a journey covering many countries. And she introduces the reader to more than characters and plot! Because like all tremendous esoteric fiction, there are hidden depths and lessons to be considered beyond the storyline. Once one learns about them, the plot thickens into an amazing esoteric adventure. Once one learns about them, the plot thickens into an amazing esoteric adventure.

To the degree that Heather’s book either reaches or exceeds Dion Fortune’s esoteric books written in the 1930s. Now, this is no easy claim to make: this reviewer has read all Dion Fortune’s books many times and believes Heather’s book is in the same league. Certainly brings th egenre right up to date. I remember talking to Annie Webster some years ago when she ran Moonlit Pathways Book Shop I asked her what was missing from the esoteric book scene and her reply was ‘Esoteric fiction – we are in desperate need of good quality esoteic fiction’ Heather has filled this gap: there is nothing to touch this book.

If you love a great suspense story. An overtone of romance. And hidden secrets, buy Heather’s book: it is a true classic written in the best of styles. In a word Brilliant.

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