It is traditional for us to thank Community Members for their effort and commitment to a weekend’s event. And we have to continue with this tradition. What a weekend! Thank you to everyone who trusted to their intuition and booked for this ‘late in the year’ Pure Spirit Show. As you all now know, it was an incredible success and a marker for the future of the brand.

The role of honour must go to the following people:

Anahata Centre Lincoln

Avaja Himalayan Singing Bowls

Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant

Barrie John International Medium

Bonnie Stitch Creative Emporium

Brigitte Rix Author

Chakra Balancing Hands R4 Healing

Crystal Carols (The Crystal Workshop)

Crystal Dragon Energies

Crystal Vibrations

Dance of Life Tai Ji

Darren Stanton

Dusk Till Dawn Events

Earth Tree Healing Music

Elemental Balance

Feet First Reflexology

Fenix Flames Incense & Ritual Candles

Gary Longden Poet

Gillibobs Crystal Comforters

Gill Moore Spiritual Healing

Gong Bath & Sound Therapy

Hands R4 Healing Crystals, Energy Pyramids & Art

Haunted Happenings

Haunted Heritage

The Haunted Magazine

Heather Wood Medium & Healer

Jane Osborne Past Life Regression

John Richardson Past and Future Readings

Kirstie Star Child Animal Communication

Kryskull Therapy

Magikal Echoes Holistic Services

Mel-Jay Fine Gem Jewellery

Mystic Christine

Native American Traditions

Natural Self – Crystal Prescriptions & Neals Yard Organic Remedies

Natures Workshop Art inspired by Nature & Angels

OilFACTION aromatherapy

Oraphim Shungite

Pyramid Lady Copper Meditation Tools

Purple Church Spiritual Healing

Rick Paul Spiritual Medium

Sanctuary Reflexology

Sarah May

Second Chance – Campbell Wallace

Shirley Ann

Soul Connections and Creations

Stephanie J King – author, Soulpreneur

Upbeat Lincoln

The Urban Monk

Wandering Cosmos

World Goes Bloom – Lael’s Energy Jewellery

Every single one of you were amazing and captivated EVERY Visitor

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