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Paul Wilcock and Debs: LizianEvents Ltd:

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Newcastle Race Course Well Being Show Dates

2 + 3 April 2022
17 + 18 September 2022

This Well Being Show has already seen phenomenal interest, both from Community Members and potential Visitors. All of us know there has not been an event of this genre in the area since 2009. The Newcastle Event was always popular until it was taken to a poor venue in Sunderland which did not work for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Our new Well Being Show will have the advantage of being promoted by Paul Wilcock and his partner Debs. Without a doubt, a promoter who works in the area is key to the success of the event. And all Community Members have immense faith in Paul and Debs as Well Being Brand Ambassadors.

Paul Wilcock and Debs: LizianEvents Ltd:

Debs and Paul

The Venue

The Race Course ticks all of the Well Being Brand Boxes! Unlimited free parking. Vast and spacious floor area. New and fresh facilities. Excellent catering. And of course, we have the usual (and essential) Friday set up for those who have large stands. Everything is set for a brilliant weekend of Well Being Happiness. New Show, New Venue, Great Well Being Ambassadors; let the countdown begin.

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