I have enjoyed one of the most rewarding weeks of my business life. With the dates for the new Newcastle Well Being Show being released and the incredible support of last weekend’s Pure Spirit Show; I really feel the consistent efforts of Community and our show helpers are reaping great rewards.

Bookings are already coming in for all of our shows for 2022. Stafford and Newcastle are enjoying lots of new Community names which is always good news for attracting new Visitors to any show. No doubt the trend will continue and this year’s calendar will mean The Well Being Brand’s calendar will enjoy a great harvest of interaction and prosperity.

Enough has been said about last weekend’s Pure Spirit Show. The weather really did hold us back, no one could have anticipated this freak snow situation. From my perspective, the fact everyone who attended accepted the situation demonstrates just how wonderful The Community has grown in open-mindedness and clear thinking. I find it so refreshing not to have to listen to the negative attitudes of distant show memories. It is a privilege to work with over a hundred amazing and generous people who know they are building a fantastic future for their friends and colleagues.

Special thanks to Rick Paul for his help during the setup for the Pure Spirit Show. He really does make a difference in easing much of the heavy lifting, laying down electrical conduit, and putting up large banners in the gale-force wind. Thank-you Rick.

So that’s it for today! Enjoy your week and stay safe.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. Always my pleasure to help and the pork pie always helps 😉 I could write many words on the events of last weekend but unusually for me I won’t. I will say this though it was an incredible opportunity to showcase the work the community do and plant the seeds for a prosperous future. Well done to Pure spirit and Lizian events it has been an amazing season and I for one have been honoured to be part of it.

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