We all meet with a crisis at some time in life. And when dealing with the situation, it is essential to consider is it long or short term. The knowledge that the issue is short term means it will not affect one’s inner being to a great degree. If long-term, there is more to consider than the problem itself.

It is no surprise that more people seek spiritual ways to deal with problems.   I am not writing that there are spiritual ways to deal with material issues. Most of us have prayed for an almighty intervention to an almighty problem without a solution. No prayer will pay off financial debt. This article is about using spiritual meditations to strengthen one’s inner-being. A robust inner being can assist the conscious mind in overcoming any difficulty.

In most cases, issues are material – emotional – intellectual or physical. And if the situation is complicated, it is easy to lose focus of the way out. Of course, if one is very ill, the choices are within the hands of health practitioners. Material problems are solved by being committed to repaying debts or restricting excessive spending. In fact, this idea of restriction and attention to repayment can be applied to many problems.

Overweight? Pay attention to exercise and health and restrict food intake.

In debt? Pay attention to accounts and limit spending.

Broken relationship? Pay attention to the future and resist analysis of an impossible to repair situation.

Unwell? Pay attention to professional advice and restrict unhealthy lifestyles.


Meditation not only prepares the inner being for a crisis, but it can also help us to avoid difficult situations. If one can learn to see the reality of personal existence. And the futility of following the ideas of an unbalanced society life will change for the better.

Meditation is only a calm way of considering the facets of life. And spiritual meditation to focus on the unknown. Because the spiritual quest is a strange journey. If there were answers, they would be manifest, and all would know the answers to esoteric questions. Is the spiritual pursuit is abstract and symbolic? 

For example, many teachers offer material or natural comparisons to spiritual concepts. The idea of a a tree comes to mind. Roots are described in many texts as symbolic of the world lived in and the trunk and branches aspect of life exploration. The four seasons represent the series of life events: winter ~ rest and recovery: spring ~ learning and future investment: summer ~ enjoyment of endeavour: autumn ~ the end of the cycles, death, closure of relationships, loss of employment. And while no means complete, the individual who mediates on the tree’s symbolism realises the potentials of the tides of life. All things must pass. Nothing is sure; a lightning bolt can ruin a well-designed path.

Spiritual Meditation:

So the one preparing the mind for life issues focuses on the problems. And this does not strengthen the inner being. When we meet someone who seems to deal with every crisis calmly and clearly, they have a robust inner being and the ability to reason through issues without attachment. The idea of being free from attachment is very much part of advanced meditation. 

So Settle Down:

Find a place to sit for a few minutes without interruption. Close your eyes. Do not worry about the noises you hear or external distractions. Just close your eyes and think about the inner being. What is the inner being? It can be anything you desire it to be: In my meditation, it is just the clouds and patterns seen while my eyes are closed! Why complicate the meditation? 

The noises and external distractions are essential in this mediation. As you hear or feel them, let them become a symbolic crisis. And while you meditate on your inner being, accept the interference cannot take you from the purpose of the meditation. Consider your inner being and strengthen it in any way you choose. I allow the patterns and colours to become powerful energy seeping through body, mind and soul. I do not work out what the power is doing. All that is considered is the light and patterns are energising and strengthening the inner being.

The meditation does not focus on a specific issue. Consider the process as tuning or exercising the mind and thought process to be more robust, agile, transparent, and faster. The lens increases the potential of the inner being’s capacity to stay calm while the conscious self is under pressure.

A Few Minutes Each Day:

This meditation is accumulative. Twice or three times every day soon brings incredible results. Devotees of the mediation find their tolerance of difficult people and situations greater. When the ‘pressures of life increase, coping is better. Try this short meditation for a year. The result would be that rarely would an external crisis hold back the potential to deal with the issue. And if there is no solution, the meditation helps one accept any negative outcome without a constant referral to the consequences.


Once the inner being is strengthened by daily meditation, setbacks are seen as part of life. When someone says, ‘The is no way out of this crisis’ – Your inner being will reply ‘, Crisis: What crisis?’

See You Soon

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