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Every day I listen to people talking about an imminent lockdown. And others are talking about all manner of draconian measures about to be imposed on our society. When asked: ‘what do you think?’ The simple answer is ‘I connot offer an opinion about this situation anymore! All is speculation and supposition.’

Make no mistake! I am not lightening the ongoing situation. It seems to me there are plenty of issues of great concern to the whole population. But truth to tell, there is little anyone can do to influence the people who make the rules. One must accept that millions have followed the direction to the letter, and still the situation is portrayed as grave. Is it any wonder so many are in so much anguish?

So Is There An Answer?

Of course, there are no specific answers to the situations. Only time will make the history which future generations will consider. And when there are no answers, fair advice is: ‘focus on your arena, look after your environment, stay centred on the aspects of life you CAN negotiate.’

Tim A Cummins was a reporter and journalist. During his career, he picked up many awards for articles and images. He comments ‘Good news just does not sell. The saying is “crop the flames and interview the most engaging and melodramatic witness”.’ Crop the flames means the photo or video shows the centre of the fire when in reality the whole picture would tell a less dramatic story or one which was of no interest at all! The point here is simple: the media does not care for your welfare, you know it and still it affects people so badly. Worse of all the media is dictating the outcomes, not reporting the reality. Think about this with care and realise that the close-minded thinker is literally damaging helath and well being by believing the distortions.

Wellbeing and Health

This article is written because the centre of our work is helping people to find ways to become a Well Being. It is for everyone with an open and rational mind to help and support people who live in perpetual fear. I am not writing we should be ignorant of the situation, or ignore the horrific possibilities of virus and disease. But, there is a need to demonstrate mental fortitude, because this is a way to help those who worry.

A mental health professional comments:

‘My concern is people who have had their illnesses under control for many years are finding life becoming difficult. People who have had depression and Bipolar undercontrol for many years are experiencing retriggering of the disease. The external pressure is taking them to the tipping point.’


And this is one reason why we must be kind and show caring for anyone who we know is susceptible to illness. When they express concerns about their wellbeing in relation to the present situation. Be truthful, and do not offer speculation of outcomes. A simple: ‘We can face this situation together.’ Is a life saver.


All are entitled to their opinion. Without free speech there is no democracy. But be careful to who you voice speculative opinion. The majority of people can cope with scifi stories. But for sufferers of mental illness, unfounded speculation and ideas of Orwellian control can confirm the paranoia which is part of their disease. There is a responsibility to fellow humankind, and we have to have restraint when talking to those who are ill.

Final Words

It does not matter to me how this article is considered. The thread of the piece is to make people aware of those who are mentally ill. Be certain in your mind. Menatl illness, lasts longer than most physical disease, it is hidden within health bodies. The suffering inflicted by Bipolar, certain psychosis are beyond measure. Remember, people take their lives to escape the horror because they see no way out. There is no pop a pain-killer answer to the feeling of abject loneliness which accompanies mental dischord. ‘Pull yourself together’ is no cure, these words are keys to further anguish.

So, please be aware that many millions of people are struggling with the hidden plight of mental illness. Take care with the health of other people. God forbid you never enter the dark chamber of mental illness and realise how susceptible you become to the fearful words of friends, family and strangers.

Ian Timothy

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