Donations Clarification

We have received a few questions about making donations of items to support The HeArt In MInd Exhibition. At the moment, we can take donations of goods at:

Retro and Vintage
112 Victoria Market
Victoria Centre

If you have many items, we can arrange a collection. In the first instance, please email with information or images. We cannot accept clothing or furniture at this time. However, we may have to expand the facilities in the future as interest in the project is very healthy.

We have also been asked if donations of money are acceptable! The answer is any financial help goes directly to support the exhibition, and there is a donation facility on this page ~ Donation Page

Reminder of idea:

HeArt In Mind Exhibition is for artists who have used art as therapy. It is centred on depression and Bipolar. However, no area of recovery through art is dismissed. Attending artists will not be charged to stand at this event. If an artist is not within the criteria wishes to support the event, there is a nominal stand fee, and they can sell their work.

Visitors can attend talks and workshops throughout the weekend. And we envisage many other artistic activities for the enjoyment and entertainment of Visitors.

HeArt In Mind Exhibition
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Showground
9 + 10 May 2022

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents: Lizian Events
Lady Eastwood Centre Newark

How Art Helps Conquer Depression

Health professionals worldwide acknowledge the therapeutic association between art and mental illness. Art takes the Mind into another dimension: one of expression and release. In many ways, the symbolism of one’s inner being expressed through art can speak more than words – either written or spoken.

Artistic revelations can take many forms. Pottery, oils, acrylics, song, dance, writing, poetry and photography are keys to expression. And the artist will take a chosen medium and change it into something new. As they create the image or song or dance, a mirrorlike reflection of the soul is seen.

The pleasure taken during the creation of a piece is amplified when complete. And if friends and strangers admire the work, magic happens. And the artist is rewarded beyond wealth. Although the artist suffering may not follow his style or medium for any other reason than the concentration needed while creating takes her away from the issues causing discord.

This is the power of art – The expression of the soul and spirit – of one’s true essential self…

HeArt In Mind

This event is unique. The idea is to bring together artists who have used art (in any of its forms) to help them through difficult times. And HeArt In Mind allows them to help other people to see the benefits of artistic creation. Artists are invited to stand at the show for a token price if they sell their work and without charge if they wish only to exhibit. There will also be a stage where spoken word (storytelling or poetry), songs, and open mic comedy are performed.


Ian Timothy runs a used goods shop in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre to support the show. A percentage of profits made at the shop are given to the HeArt In Mind project. It is hoped the shop will make sufficient funds in the future to make the event free to attend! This, of course, depends on help from people who donate items for resale. The idea is unique and enjoys incredible interest from our friends and supporters.

Amazing Opportunity

HeArt In Mind offers a fantastic opportunity for art suppliers, companies and businesses to promote their products. Whether by donation or attending as a retail opportunity, they can be sure of being associated with a beautiful aspect of art. And we will also offer opportunities for individuals who wish to demonstrate art supplies.

If you have art courses and wish to have paid workshops, the opportunity is here at this event. Use the contact email below.

Questions or Suggestions? Use the email button below:

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