Healing Day

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Boxing Day always seems to me to be a day of stillness. Settling down from a hectic few weeks of preparation and anticipations. And like many of life’s ‘moments’, there is always an end to the celebrations. Of course, there will be many who have over-indulged and nurse an abused body, but their discomfort is short term and few have sympathy for those with hangovers!

Amongst the many Community Members, there are many wonderful healers and alternative therapists. And I wonder if you would spend a few moments today sending out the vibes to the millions of people who are unwell. Their plight could be physical or mental it does not matter what the issue, a few moments of kind thoughts sent to the aether will have an effect.

Why not send good vibes to strangers? There are those who will be hiding worries and fears. people who have pushed themselves too far, given too much, entered into debt which will take months to repay. Send them some vibes today.

And what about a few thoughts for those who are within the grip of cruelty and despair? Living an oppressive life. Being taken advantage of and holding feelings of despondency. They hide their fears and protect the people who hurt them. Their inner-being is imprisoned as sure as a man behind metal bars and steel doors. Send a few thoughts of freedom to free the stranger.

By considering those less fortunate than ourselves we demonstrate the kindness and love within the potential of all humankind. It does not matter if your thoughts are not focused on one known situation. The harnessing of the power of kindness is sufficient to have an effect on unknown friends.

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We Know The Potential of Healing

When you work in the field of alternative therapy there comes a moment of realisation when you realise there is an ability to send healing. The healer knows there is more to happiness than the material aspects of life! She knows that true wellbeing I within the core of the spirit and soul. And when the awakening occurs, they realise they can help those in need through thought and meditation.

There is no moral dilemma in the act of distance healing to unknown people. It is an act of love and kindness and one which is neglected. So, today, when you have a few moments to meditate. Consider your ability to ‘send out the vibes.’ Give thanks for who you are, show love to yourself and your inner-being. And then consider your healing abilities for a few moments.

You will never meet the person who receives the power of remote and random healing practice. Although, your spirit knows the power of your act of healing kindness.

See You Soon

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