Happy New Year to you all.

I’m keeping this post very short as I’m sure you have a busy day ahead. 

I am looking forward to the next twelve months. With 11 events to organise and a very healthy trade at LizianShop, we have everything to work for and make the year ahead one of extraordinary and prosperous memories.

Let us take advantage of the headways made during 2021. While many people were reticent to forge ahead and find ways to continue to trade, the Community hit the blast-off button and made the events happen.

I do not have any reservations about commenting. We made the right moves and kept everyone connected. And by the looks of the booking forms being returned and interest from new exhibitors, we are going to enjoy a fantastic 2022.

I’m not interested in worrying about possible shutdowns and lockdowns. This is not the way I think. We either work to succeed or dwell in failure. Like many of you, I have experienced difficult times, indeed one’s which I believed to be impossible, living nightmares. But I came through them, and life is better than any time I can remember. And I love the fact many positive and forward-thinking people surround me. I thank every one of you for your kindnesses and support.

My mantra for our year ahead is: ‘Together we will succeed.’ 

I worked out that just short of 100 people were part of the Well Being and Pure Spirit Events during 2021! Now, no one can doubt this is a testimonial to the Communities strength. And be sure, we have many new people coming on board. New names and businesses from all over the country. People want to be part of the Well Being and Pure Spirit adventure. And we are part of an adventure, exploring new possibilities and testing new ideas.

For example, we will stream more events and provide a better streaming experience in 2022. People worldwide will watch the events and talks as they happen! Virtual shows will be part of our future! And this will mean in the long term; Virtual Visitors will be able to interact with the Community online during the shows.

We will continue to seek new venues for 2023 and push the Well Being and Pure Spirit Brands into new areas. But this year, we will focus on our present calendar and introduce the brands to new Visitors and increase the awareness of our work and objectives. To do this, we will reinvest in computers and equipment. You can defiantly look forward to regular videos, Facebook lives and podcasts. All centred on promoting The Community’s Well Being and Pure Spirit Shows.

So, there is part of 2022’s future for our brands. We will not move away from the objectives set out over eight years ago. Many people acknowledge our forward-thinking and the influence we have had on many genres of events. We keep on evolving, changing, and testing ideas. Sometimes we fail. Most often, the views become something special. Streaming, stage and music, paranormal are a few of the additions made in 2021 and made at a time when many believed the world was coming to an end.

I do not see the future this way. I see endless possibilities available for those who encourage a positive and progressive mindset. So join Ian and me in the future, join us in what will become a brilliant year, the year 2022.


Liz Clark

MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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