I had a great day yesterday with Community Member Richard Hisset. Richard has decided to record his gong bath sessions. And I was privileged to be asked to help him set up his equipment. We worked for nearly five hours to get Richard ‘into the grove’ or sound recording, and he took to the process without difficulty.

So the big news is Richard will be able to record his client’s sessions, and they can choose to have their session put on CD or USB stick. It is a great step forward. Not only this, he can now produce fantastic recordings of his healing sessions, which be downloaded on the internet.

Richard Learning the Process


While we were making test recordings and trying different settings, Liz took the opportunity to interview Richard and me. Listen to the interview and gain a greater insight into Richard’s training and the future of his recordings.

A fascinating conversation!

Richard Working His Magic

It will be great to meet with Richard at all Well Being and Pure Spirit Events during 2022. This new addition to his Sound Bath Therapy is certain to be a hit with his many followers. I was proud to help him take his idea from thought to reality.

See You Soon

Ian Timothy

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