It is only a month before the first Well Being Show of the year! Newark looks to be a superb show. Already 42 Community Members have committed to this prestigious and well-attended event. It will be a good gauge of the year ahead. We have sold plenty of online tickets, and Visitor interest is extreme. 

Other events are also attaining superb attendance levels. Lincoln events are up-and-coming, as is Stafford. Ian and I are amazed at the early interest in Newcastle. There is absolutely no doubt this will be a full house and well attended. Already, we have twenty confirmed bookings, so early in the year, this can only mean a brilliant show is on the horizon.

There seems to be no let-up in interest in all things esoteric! LizianShop is enjoying plenty of new customers, and old friends come to the stall every day. It was great to see Alan Wood at the market yesterday. He sends greetings and New Year wishes to the Community, saying, ‘I cannot really call the people I know Community anymore. They are to be close and valued friends!’ Alan’s work is loved by so many people, and his success is a testament to building a presence and a brand. Well done, Alan.

This week we will continue to push the events. Looking after the Newcastle Well Being Show, Paul and Debs are beginning to distribute the first batch of 20 thousand flyers. They also have plenty of posters to distribute to new Visitors, Customers and Community. As already mentioned, this event will be the first of many great visits to the North East. I have fond memories of Newcastle. One unforgettable reason is at the BSSK event, we had our busiest and most profitable weekend!

Today, Ian and dI are visiting Richard and Norma Hisset. Ian is helping Richard to set up his recording equipment and show him how to link his recordings to an online sales platform. I have no doubt that Richard will sell a lot of sound bath and sound healing downloads. It is lovely to work with Community Members between shows and use our knowledge to help them expand their brand. 

While writing about Richard and Norma, it is worth mentioning their great friendship with fellow Community Members Claudine West and Angela Barker. Ang and Claude have helped with website building, Facebook videos and interviews! This is Community connections at their very best.

We lost eight months of progress. And now, Community Members can make up for the setbacks. The news is good. We are looking forward to providing Visitors with even better and more exciting events. So, it’s all ahead full and plenty of work for all of us over the next twelve months.

See You There!


Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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