All of us encounter frustrations during life. The list is endless, from the stuck traffic light to the stubborn friend who cannot see a rational viewpoint. Although, the inner beings response always seems to send out the same emotional message whatever the circumstance.

One aspect of frustration is we do not always recognise the ”feeling of frustration”. Sometimes the feeling is mistaken for boredom or lack of interest in one’s environment. And as with any aspect of our daily wellbeing, it pays to ask the inner being questions. Simply asking ”Am I frustrated about an issue or person” is enough to evoke an internal response. Try this exercise:

Settle down the mind by taking two or three deep and slow breaths. Keeping the eyes closed, ask the inner being, ”Is there something which is frustrating my daily life?” Now, wait for a response. You may well be surprised how the inner-being replies. And the answer may not be instant, but you will eventually receive a clear reply.

Once the issue is isolated. Ask this question ”Can I really make a change to the restriction?” This is an important question. Because we fail to accept there are situations beyond our ability to change or influence. 

Most issues causing frustration are indeed beyond our influence. The reality is the situation as opposed to a moral or ethical compass. A person has a deep opposition to the war. And her partner relishes the daily news updates about a world conflict. Even though she recognises the partner’s emotional ties to world conflicts, she does not see the actual cause of her frustration. 

She asks her inner-being the question, ”Is there something which is frustrating my daily life? The response is surprising: her inner-being says, ”Your partner looks for revenge, he can be vindictive, and holds grudges.” So she considers the issue in-depth and realises that every time he laughs and jeers at the ”enemy”, her inner-being responds to his overall attitude to their relationship.

Once the seed of any situation is realised, the choice can be made to erase or adapt the problem. How the issue is addressed is clearly tricky. But the woman now has a profound realisation to work with, and she can use potent mediations to strengthen her conscious mind to cope with the situation. In this case, she sees her partner as a good man. And this aspect of his nature is not directed at her. She chooses to accept the lesson.

Coping with any adverse situation can only be accomplished when the issue is known. And asking the inner-being simple question ”Is there something which…” is an effective way of getting to know, or communicate with, the inner-being. Once the conscious mind knows where the problem arises, the conscious mind can learn strategies to deal with or overcome the frustrations.

Few people realise how much resentment and angst arises from being unable to control a situation. The knowledge of the anger and acceptance of the limitation to change or control the primary cause is often enough to close it down.

So, the next time you feel ”out of sorts” or angry with life. The inner being could well surprise your conscious mind! Ask the question ”Is there something which is frustrating my daily life?

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