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This weekend The Community comes together for the first Well Being Show. And it looks to be a superb Well Being Experience. With around seventy Community attending and over 36 talks, presentations and performances: Plus a Yoga studio, there is every reason to visit this weekend (12 + 13 February). We have enjoyed excellent feedback already for the show. Many of our old friends have joined the event, and the Visitor interest is as good as we can remember. People are looking forward to an event without restrictions.

Even though we have a remit to set the floor space as we like with no restrictions. We feel that it will be sensible to continue with plenty of room between stands and provide suitable seating spaces between chairs in the talk rooms. There is no requirement for track and trace or giving evidence of tests etc. So, to all intentions, the show will run as pre-2019 events.

Remember, we have unlimited parking at all of our venues. The facilities are second to none. Visitor feedback supports the way Well Being Shows are organised. We listen to Visitors, and the growing loyalty of attendees reflects the recognition of The Community’s outstanding events.

Every Well Being Event this year has already received good numbers of bookings. So Visitors can look forward to well-intended Well Being Events with exceptional talks and presentation schedules. And we will be expanding on the show entertainment throughout the year. We will not stop with our relentless pursuit of putting together shows that stay in attendees and visitors’ memories for many months after the doors close.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

The response to this event is magnificent. Three months to go, we have over twenty bookings. The event is pitched at 6o stands initially so, it will be a winner. Of course, plenty of new members are joining the Community for this event. And the anticipated Visitor numbers are looking great. I’m sure Paul and Debs will confirm this in LizianEvents Lives and interviews at the shows.

The significant aspect of the Newcastle racecourse is the proximity to the north. For example, travel times are much the same as visitors and the Community attending our established events. For instance – Manchester 2hr 40mins – Leeds 1hr 50mins – York 1hr 40mins – Whitby is only 1 hr 30mins. We can quickly see how easy the show will be to attend. And as already written, the Visitor interest is already robust indeed. This will be a fantastic Well Being Event with a new event and a virtually untapped audience.


Again, strong interest from both Community and Visitors. We enjoyed a brilliant first time out at Staffordshire Show Ground. And again, a new and untapped audience was amazed at the event. The show will grow into a memorable Well Being event. Bookings for the Stafford are already at 38, so we can see this will offer Visitors every reason to travel to Stafford.

Pure Spirit

Bothe Pure Spirit Shows will enjoy total capacity. Of course, the show’s dynamic is slightly different to the Well Being Brand. The show focuses on Mediumistic demonstrations, spiritual healing, readers and Ufologists. You can be sure this event will be exceptionally well attended, and Barrie will be on hand to steer new and old exhibitors to succeed at this event.

So, with the Newark Well Being Show only days away, we have every big to look forward to in the next three months. Newcastle, Stafford and Pure Spirit magic events for magical people.

See You There

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