We already know the Newark Well Being Show was an absolute winner. And Visitor assessments spoke of progress, new Community Members, and overwhelming response to the extensive talk and presentation schedule. Many voiced thanks for keeping the stalls to adequate numbers, so there was ample space between the walkways. The size of the venue and space between stalls does give the perception of fewer Visitors. However, readers MUST consider the size of the building. It is over twice the floor area of many events of this genre. The only way to assess attendance is by real and accountable figures.

First the Visitor Numbers:

Saturday – 462
Sunday – 488
Total – 950

Remember we do not count two-day attendees of Community Members.

Trade was brisk for most Community Members. With many stating this was the best and most profitable show they had EVER attended. With accuracy, we can state the Newark Well Being Show is a solid proposition for anyone who desires to attend a first-rate trading event. Many o the Community clearly stated they had sold out of many lines of stock!

Readers and Therapists reported a busy weekend. And as we walked the floor it was easy to confirm their statements.


Talk rooms were full to capacity. Debbie Ison commented that she had people standing at the back of the room! Visitors commented on the amazing range of presentations and the quality of the presenters. The stage area was well attended and it was refreshing to see great numbers of Visitors participation. Visitors working with Angela Barker, Claudine West, Iza Moon, Don and Carol Harradine and of course Alan Wood all entertained the Visitors throughout the weekend.

Children’s Activity Area

The children’s activity area is fast becoming a central Visitor attraction—no photos for obvious reasons. Parents seem to be active participants in creative activities. Some of the pictures, cut-outs and colouring-ins seem to have been accomplished by the most advanced and skilful ‘children’.

There were no criticisms of the show from Visitors. And some helpful suggestions are taken on board, and we may consider changing the placement of the stage area at future shows. And yes! The public address system is slightly biased to the left side of the Lady Eastwood Centre. However, with the staging area and many counsellors to the right of the building, compromises have to be made.

The catering received a welcome appreciation of price and quality. During the last three events held at the Lady Eastwood centre, catering facilities and limited menus had to be accepted as part of the enforced regulations. Now the situation has changed, full seating arrangements and a wide and varied menu resulted in a far better dining experience.

I will keep this review very short. All who attended knew the event was an absolute winner. While talking to Community Members and Visitors the overall agreement is The Well Being Brand is established as a brilliant platform where the Community can work and trade profitably. The continued dedication and commitment to the Well Being Brand is paying immense dividends.

We cannot doubt that taking the show up to Newcastle is the right move. No doubt we will have a brilliant show in Newcastle. Local interest is phenomenal. And with this established format, we are looking forward to an exceptional and profitable Newcastle show. Can we build on reputation? Of course!

Dave Goodfellow makes a clear appraisal of the Newcastle potential: “Ian it is going to be an absolutely brilliant show. Newcastle is more than ready for the event, you are going to smash it!” And none could argue with Dave! He knows the genre and has worked to give Simon an unprecedented niche in the reader world!

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