Tim is a fantastic person: He works tirelessly for the better good of all humankind. Here is a little information about this remarkable man.

Tim A. Cummins is the producer of the popular podcast Verbal Surgery. Feel Good, NOW! He has over 80,000 followers on Twitter. He worked for CBS and CNN earning 9 Associated Press awards for Excellence in Journalism. He’s been punched, shot at and nearly burned alive covering the news.

Tim has studied neurology and NLP for over thirty years and has a Masters degree in Communication Arts.

Tim has lived in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, S. Africa, France and the USA, working as a media consultant. He considers Nairobi, Kenya, as his home town.

Tim works as a Community Developer serving the Atlanta area.

He has a way of helping people help themselves. Call Tim at 770-490-1668 or email him at verbalsurgeontim@gmail.com!

Tim’s Website Here

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