We studied the midland events circuit with care. And talked about the shows and success of shows with Community Members and Visitors. The majority agreed there are too many events and in the long term visitors will become or already have become bored with what is on offer. 

The Newcastle Well Being Show is a significant new venture for the wellbeing and m.b.s show genre. Not only for the North East of England but also for everyone interested in wellbeing and mind-body and spirit shows. 

I would comment here that online trade exhibitions have not made the grade, and many industry leaders agree there is no substitute for one2one connection, and a clear-minded thinker accepts the observation. The reality is there are only so many exhibitors and only so many visitors. And when the two meet to often there is little to inspire interest. Not only this, the internet has changed the way people buy products or learn information. In conclusion, live events are indeed under pressure.

Survival of the fittest is the reality in nature and the events business. The truth is those who work tirelessly to ‘up their game’ will come out tops, and those who stay in old ways will slip down the hill. And while most shows have an upturn in footfall, we have to ask, is this a reflection of the lockdown and restrictions which held people back from attending events? Most believe the upturn is temporary, and the bubble will burst.

t is important to acknowledge an organiser is writing this article. And one who is known to be an optimist and fortunately successful in the events business. I watch market trends, and it is apparent successful events (of any genre) have either excellent infrastructure or have a good catchment area with few similar events or both.

Smaller Venues – Shows? 

People continually ask if we would organise another event in Nottingham. Our reply is no, there is no suitable venue that ticks our criteria. And we will not return to small venues. We have no interest in this type of show. Although, they provide the most significant profit margin per exhibitor! Although we proved beyond doubt, The Community’s ability to fill small venues beyond capacity and provide memorable events is still discussed today.


I believe this event provides new life-blood to our show genre. And anyone who supports the show will enjoy a new and unique event. And for new exhibitors, there is an opportunity to bring their wisdom and expertise to the public. 

Staffordshire Well Being Show proved new events can quickly be established within the genre. Interest in Stafford is so great that it is near fully booked already. Newcastle is following the trend. The new show, new area and enthusiastic Visitors are a working formula. Incidentally, The Pure Spirit Show follows the formula and follows the same successful path.

Anyone local to the Newcastle venue (within 20 miles radius) knows the area requires a premier Well Being – mbs style show. And we are here to fulfil the need. We learn that new exhibitors will benefit from being part of the prestigious event in the long term. They will be part of the beginning of a new and exciting wellbeing experience. All can build on the new show and take it to become a long-term and evolving project.

Local exhibitors will have a fantastic platform for self-promotion and business growth. They will meet with a tremendous group of people who share their experiences and knowledge. The show is a much-needed breath of fresh air, where Visitors can clear their minds of the daily negative vibes and information.

A Well Being show is a refuge from negative mindsets. People can consider new ways to find peace and solace. Anyone who feels they can contribute to the ethos of a Well Being Event will reap the rewards. And the benefits should not be considered purely financial! There can be no better feeling after a weekend working with like-minded folk: meeting new friends who support each other for years to come.

Never forget being part of the Well Being Organisation promotes your work 365 days each year. Your stand fees go far further than a table or two at a venue! Long after the show has closed its doors, we continue to promote and share your endeavours.

In Conclusion

The Newcastle Well Being Show is built on an established formula. To new exhibitors I will comment, the foundation of success is a positive attitude and being prepared to share news about the event, its purpose and your presence. It is also positioned in a great area free from events. Why not allow this new show to become a basis for more local awareness of your work.

We really are at the beginning of setting up a new event. Being part of it will become a fantastic cherished memory. 

See You There


Newcastle Well Being Show
2 + 3 April
Newcastle Racecourse
High Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

Show Page Here

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  1. Another very good piece.

    newcastle is looking good for all the reasons you state.

    Shows will attract visitors, and stands will attract customers, in direct proportion to the attractiveness of the sales proposition. Both organisers and stand holders need to continuously improve.

    With Nottingham, i do think that we should consider Trent Bridge cricket ground, City Ground, Forest and Meadow lane,county. All have excellent conference/hospitality facilities and parking.

    Stafford has started well, but we must not be complacent. We have done one show, one year ago, it is all to do again. Massive opportunities remain at Stafford University for fresh talent.

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