One of the great aspects of LizianEvents News is its ability to connect Visitors to The Community. Potential Visitors and new exhibitors gain a real insight into the Well Being ethos. They learn about the people and organisation of the shows and how being part of the movement brings benefits to health and wellbeing.

Very often, Liz’s LizianShop Live (LSL) has Community Member guests and when this occurs the recording is published here on LEN. This LSL is of great interest as its guests are the Newcastle Well Being Show Ambassadors Paul and Debs from HandsR4Healing. Viewers get ar real ‘feel’ for the people involved and the Newcastle Well Being Show’s great potential.

And of course, you will learn about Crystals, alterative healing, orgone, and meditation: all aspects of the HandsR4Healing business. So sit back for an hour of Well Being Magic and enjoy the show.

It is evident, being a guest on either LizianEvents Live or LizianShop Live offers great promotional advantages. So, if you would like to be a guest use the email button below.

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