I would not typically hijack Ian’s posts. But today, I will comment on tomorrow’s submission (06.03.22). 

The article suggests that the Newcastle Well Being Show is the most important. The premise means that the North East of England requires a new and significant Well Being MBS style event. And everyone I have spoken to is in complete agreement. 

I cannot remember an event that evokes so much local appreciation and recognition. This week alone, I have sent out many booking forms from local traders of all genres, spiritual counsellors, retail, healers, therapists, and information stands.

The Newcastle Well Being Show is on the same level as Staffordshire. A new event in a totally new area, which ticks our established criteria:

  1. Large Space.
  2. Purpose-built venue.
  3. Excellent talks facilities.
  4. Unlimited free parking.
  5. First-class road network close by.
  6. Not town or built-up area based.
  7. Large Visitor catchment area.
  8. Good food and rest facilities.

These have been our criteria for many years, and we have built our reputation on facilities and 365 days a year connections of Community Members – Visitors – Shows. And these connections are working. People know the Well Being Brand and know we provide exemplary service and standards. 

The daily publication has gained incredible headways. Videos are being watched worldwide every day. Podcasts are being listened to worldwide every day. And we are beginning to take bookings from a combination of LEN – Social Media – Mail-outs and word of mouth. The Well Being Shows are truly established as a premier quality brand.

Tomorrow’s post is hard-hitting and talks about how the East of England is over-run with wellbeing and mbs events. And yes! We are part of the situation. I have watched so many small businesses who attend events struggle to make the events work. All know of tens of people who start with the highest intentions and hopes and leave disheartened. What Ian and I used to see as a poor show would now be considered fantastic. Dynamics changed, and people struggled to cope with the changing reality.

My feeling is The Well Being Brand is winning because we are attracting new people (both Visitors and Community) to the shows. And I write without reservation, there are only so many of the old school left. Ian’s long time friend Dot spoke of her sadness not being unable to come to the shows’ Age has finally taken its toll, my friend,’ she said. And we know this to be the fact. 

You see, my thoughts are a new show, and new beginnings are how we have to see the years ahead. We have to forge the identity of our brand and keep working to keep up with the times. A swish website is an old hat! A proactive site with pages of information, videos, audio recordings bound with social media lives shows in the future. And while we see only twenty or thirty people watch the Facebook events live, the organic reach runs into hundreds. And the shows have to be linked to every avenue of promotion.

The key is to bring in new and younger Visitors to recent and more progressive events. Anyone with good sense can see this is the only way we have a future. We cannot continue with the same format, serving the same people at too many events, which are increasing in number. Most of the village has to sink on unsound foundations at some marker. 

Be sure I would be looking at new venues if I knew we could make them work. But to make them work, we need interaction and self-promotion from Community Members. Never have we seen such sharing and promotion from the Community. The formula is beginning to work and work well. Taking on a new venue and hoping it will succeed is no longer a sure-fire way of success. At most, one new venue a year would be prudent. And two events six months apart is enough to keep the Visitor interest alight.

We have stuck to our plan, being determined to be a Well Being Show, and yes, there is, of course, an undercurrent of the old mbs DNA. But we can see the difference in the quality of community members’ ratings – they are dedicated to their future and understand there is a need to commit to promotion. 

I am confident the Well Being Brand has a solid and secure future. We have the fairest priced stands. Retail – Counsellor – Therapist – Information – costs are tens of pounds cheaper than other events. And the inter-show communications are light years ahead of any events business in the UK – FACT. 

The Well Being Brand is as fresh as can be made. New Community Members, Positive attitudes and dedication to the future are all part of the objectives. Headways are being made, and footfall IS growing. The work is never fully complete, but The Community knows the tasks ahead is continuous promotion and dedication to the tribe. 

Let us look forward to an amazing April! We are dedicated to the success of The Well Being Brand, an organisation that is growing and spreading its coverage. Steady growth is the way to the future, and Newcastle Well Being Show – Stafford Well Being Show and The Pure Spirit Brand are evidence of the success of The Community.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents

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