Well, the last fortnight was extraordinary. Over two weeks ago, I fell from my bicycle and sustained numerous cuts and bruises. And after 15 hours in accident and emergency, I returned home with no possibility of returning to work. Without Ian and Samantha, I would have been lost. And I can now write. Initially, I did not think I would attend the Newcastle Well Being Show.

It was impossible to focus on anything for the five days following the accident. So, administration, booking forms, and invoicing all suddenly stopped. We had a small meal on mothering Sunday with my mother and son and waited until the following day to decide if I were to travel to Newcastle. As all who attended the magnificent event now know, the choice was to go!

And although the weekend took me close to exhaustion, I would not have missed it for the world. It was, without doubt, a brilliant first event. Attendance from both community-exhibitors and visitors was brilliant (Ian will publish the show appraisal next week). Feedback continues to confirm the weekend’s show is an absolute winner, verified by the number of bookings for September’s show. I received firm bookings from eight new exhibitors during the show. The September event will have more than 65 stands. This immediate interest must be a testament to how the event was perceived by all who attended.

Thanks to all of the community-exhibitors who made this show so fantastic. You were terrific, and the memories you have left with all who attended will serve you well in September. I did not have time to thank you all personally on Sunday. Unfortunately, I was exhausted, and Rob (my brother) had to take me back to the hotel.

Next Weekend’s Staffordshire Well Being Show is also looking to be a winner. The first outing indicated that future events would gain momentum. But not as much as now known! Pre-show bookings are substantial, and we will have total exhibitor-community attendance. A casual glance at the attending list shows excellent depth and breadth of attractive alternative healing modalities, products, services and information. The talks list is varied and full of new knowledge and ideas. Am I going to enjoy this show? There can be NO doubt about it!

Staffordshire WBS: LizianEvents Ltd


I take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent me well wishes. So many private messages, emails and the hundreds of social media comments were not only emotionally beneficial. The certainty is that they were very much part of my remarkable recovery. The offers of help were beyond measure! Even if I’d been unable to attend, Ian would have had no problem with the set-up and weekend administration. We indeed are a community, one that shares and cares and supports. I thank you for your love and kindness.

See you next weekend at Staffordshire Show Ground.

16 + 17 April 2022
Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road
ST18 0BB

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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