4 + 5 June 2022
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Discovering Your Success ~ Sunday 5th June ~ 1:00 ~ 3:15 PM (approximate finish time)

Buckso Dhillon Woolly: LizianEvents Ltd

“Life isn’t about what you do, It’s who you are when you do it..” ~ Buckso Dhillon Woolley

If you are in a place where you feel there is a need for change. Or you know you have great potential and do not know how to activate it. Or your inner-being says ‘find your future.’ Then it is time to make a personal life-time investment. An investment in yourself, one which will allow you to venture to new horizons and possibilities. On Sunday 5th of June at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show you can take part in a brilliant event. Presented by Buckso Dhillon Woolley the name of the seminar is: Discovering Your Success.

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The Sunrise of Realisations

Buckso Dhillon Woolley is an incredible woman. This is not a throwaway statement. From a humble beginnings Buckso singlehandedly turned her life into a national success. You may not know her name, but you’ll certainly know her face and voice. She has worked on many television dramas, television and radio advertisements, internationally acclaimed films and West End Musicals. Buckso is an accomplished singer and presenter/compare. Incidentally, if you are a student at drama collage or wish to become an actor, this seminar is one-hundred percent worth attending. If you desire an accurate insight into the acting profession this is the seminar for you!

Buckso has forged her amazing career using the potentials of acceptance, truth and determination. Buckso continues to develop ways to personal progression as an ongoing process, those who learn about her ‘ways to success’ can benefit their lives. This is not a promotional statement, it is one proven by an incredible record of success.

Buckso has been a TV and big screen Actor for many years. Appearing mainly in TV and Film, Buckso also had a year on the Westend playing Auntie-ji, in the stage adaptation of the much-loved film, Bend it like Beckham. TV Credits are Silent Witness, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders. And films such as: Last Tango in Halifax, Zebra Girl and Dutch film SOOF3. Buckso feels her most memorable work is the 2019 blockbuster smash hit Aladdin, in which she starred alongside Will Smith.

And Buckso is known for her openness and ability to share information. Her teaching skills are clear and the information easily remembered. Of course, learning lines and the directions of a play, tv show or film is why her presentations are so skilful and entertaining.

Darren Stanton : LizianEvents

“I doubt if you’ll ever enjoy an empowering seminar better than one presented by Buckso. The power of her words, the ease of understanding and the potential of Buckso’s wisdom is undeniable. Many times I have had the pleasure to have watched her presentations and every time, without fail, my life has been made better by the experience” ~ Darren Stanton TV and radio psychologist

Buckso’s workshop/seminar is all about realising potentials. Seeing your worthiness. Realising your truths. Using personal assets to best advantage. And learning how to accept rights and wrongs ~ assets and limitations ~ potentials and inspirations is the great purpose of this seminar. This way of acceptance is how Buckso has taken her life from a mundane existence to success in one of the hardest businesses in the world. And many believe Buckso is near International stardom and recognition. Any who become part of this seminar will realise these are not whimsical words.

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The Stage Is Set

So why would Buckso be working on working with people and teaching them about her methods of success? Readers will think ‘She is an actor, not a teacher.’ The reality is Buckso knows that living a successful life is holistic. Life is not always easy. And one of the finest ways to personal development is interaction and sharing. It is being multi-facetted, and the greater the interactions the better life becomes. Buckso is as happy working as a healer and mentor, as she is learning lines and following a directors instructions. She does not see her life journey and the aspects of it a separate pieces of information. Buckso considers the acts of life as one incredible play, and when the audience watch the performance the know if the rehearsals have been done with care or not. And here you begin to understand the wonderful lessons learned during Buckso’s seminar.

The seminar is not one of: ‘I know all, follow these methods.’ The experience is memorable and says: ‘Let’s work together today to light up the stages of life. Let us become unique and memorable humans able to accept and take the rewards owed to us.’ This is the way of the sage, the way of the content, the way of the successful. Not one of indoctrinated rhetoric, but one of connection. Connecting special and accomplished people to those who desire to realise their potential. In her seminar Buckso is the catalyst who lightens the recesses of one’s spirit and soul. For within the spirit and soul resides the unique quality of all mankind. And all is accomplished through conversations about experiences; good, bad, exceptional or indifferent.

What to Expect

Attendees meet in the conference room at 12:50:

Buckso begins with a mediation to the purpose of the seminar

Subjects Covered:

Aspects of success
How life is considered
The importance of truth
Facing reality
Seeing possibilities
Hopes and Inspirations
Overcoming hurdles
Dynamics of Success
Accepting reward
Acknowledging accomplishment
You are worthy
How others see us
Spiritual aspect of happiness
Connecting to the soul
Self healing and forgiveness

As you can read the seminar is empowerment focussed. Buckso takes attendees on a journey of self discovery in a way which is enlightening and purposeful. Attendees learn how to isolate and deal with restrictions which prevents life’s progress. And as the seminar comes to its conclusion the attendees realise how far they can take their ambitions, whether spiritual, emotional or intellectual. Knowing that when working in unison the mind, body and spirit can take us to any desired destination.

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Celebrate Together


The price of this three hour (approx) seminar is just £50.00! A price which represents incredible value for money as the normal price for this seminar is £175.00. Buckso loves the Well Being Shows and desires to make a contribution to the ethos by presenting the seminar at a ‘at cost’ price! Attendees will gain a lifetime of ways to navigate the journey of life. Does this way of thought and enlightenment work? Well Buckso began life with many disadvantages, and she has attained recognition and respect from everyone she works with. She is dedicated to helping other people to discover their true self and attain their hopes and inspirations. One only has to look at Buckso’s achievements to accept ‘she is authentic and dedicated to realising her own and the success of others.

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