Abstract thoughts!

Sometimes we have to think off the wall. Changes can be enforced, unexpected changes and could potentially cause havoc. During transformational moments in time, one chooses to accept the enforced situation or dwell on the path which has been closed.

When we embark on a task with a happy frame of mind, the task is always easier. Although many choose to think life can be planned, there is no pattern to life, and the plan always comes to fruition. We know this is not the way of the journey. Unexpected situations arise for us to work through and work through with pleasure. Then there is a greater possibility of the problem having a happy outcome.

A rose coloured glasses attitude? I think not! How often have we entered a difficult situation, and when it is over, the outcome is nothing as wrong as first thought? If we consider concerns in an ‘abstract way’, many possibilities become evident. Do not attempt to view specific answers; ask the unconscious mind to offer random solutions. You’ll be amazed at the thoughts which enter the mind.

Abstract thinking systematically is a way of thinking. I approach problem-solving by conceptualising, making generalisations and arriving at random conclusions. When abstract thinking, we process information received through our senses and try to connect it to the world. So, I do not think, how will this work for me? I ask how will this idea work with the situation and people involved in the work ahead.

So, where are may “Sunday Thought’s” taking the reader?

The answer is questioning how the Well Being Shows can be developed. What attractions can we add to the events to attract a broader audience to the platforms? And the thoughts have to be abstract, without a defined vision! I think you will see the changes at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. For example, The floorplan will be similar to the prevalent one used during the Pure Spirit Event. The widening of the exhibitor genre is gaining approval with Visitors. The position of the stage area could well change. At the moment, the future designs of a Well Being Show are in their abstract form, and change is awaiting. And changes are for the benefit of Visitors and Community Members.

Some may not appreciate the sentiment of this week’s article. I am attempting to suggest we (Ian and I) are not prepared to allow the Well Being Show format to stagnate! Words associated with abstract are: theoretical, conceptual, notional, intellectual, metaphysical, philosophical, academic; hypothetical, speculative, conjectural, conjectured, suppositional, putative; rare suppositious, suppositive, and ideational. And those words encompass the purpose of holding a Well Being Event.

We need to continue to progress differently from other formats. It is a difficult task and one which provides excellent inner reward. We do not always discover momentum ideas or concepts. But little by little, the Well Being Shows will morph into more attractive and exciting Visitor attractions. This does not mean what is already achieved should be considered unworthy. We all know The Community’s achievements are impressive. But evolution has to be the way to success.

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Thanks for reding my Sunday thoughts: See You Soon

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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