Robert Brown

Sad news this week. Many of you will remember Robert and his brilliant work with Aura-Soma. He was a regular Community Member attending the first show at Market Rasen. Robert was a kind and generous man. He should also be remembered for organising fantastic Psychic Suppers and MBS Shows at the Trowell Festival Hall. He was the first person to organise such events at the venue.

Robert was also a well known spiritual healer and accomplished medium. He was a brilliant teacher of all aspects of spirituality and alternative healing. Few will realise he often travelled to America for mediumistic and healing demonstrations. In later years Robert had his therapy room at his home. Although Robert will be missed, we will always have great memories of a beautiful man. Bless you, Robert.

Robert’s last recording was made during the February 2018 Newark Well Being Show. Robert talks about the aura, colours and Aura-Soma. Although the recording is not of the highest standard, it is well worth listening to.

Enjoy the Presentation

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Robert Brown

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