A week ago, I sat at the reception of the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The rain was pouring down, and I wondered how nature would affect the visitor numbers. As we know, Saturday’s footfall was excellent, and most Community members expressed satisfaction with the previous day’s trading.

As already mentioned, I believe we proved our incredible interest in The Well Being brand. The 800+ people who attended the show came because of the reputation of the exhibitors and organisation. We did no more promotion than other events, although a regular stream of media posts focused on the event for the 21 days leading up to the weekend. From our perspective, Visitor numbers reflect the reputation of the event, nothing more.

No doubt, the Jubilee celebration had an effect. And I agree with Ian and most of the Community. Without the festival, the numbers would have been substantially greater. I was hoping you could note the Community also agree: This is one of the best aspects of the Well Being Brand. The 90 people who decided to be part of the event were aware of the influence of the jubilee and still went ahead to stand at the show. People now recognise the quality of the Community’s presence and its magical impact.

Staffordshire Well Being Show

Yesterday’s post contained initial information about the 13 + 14 August Staffordshire Well Being Show. The Community list stands at 36, and there is no doubt we’ll see the figure top 60 exhibitors. Ticket sales are already brisk, and we have plenty of interest from the initial mailout. I think the third event at the showground will establish the show within the area.

Staffordshire Showground has the potential to reach a substantial audience. I know we have only touched on its prospect with proximity to Birmingham and Manchester. Everyone involved in this event should expect to see a vast improvement on the last show’s footfall: it will undoubtedly have more than sufficient attraction for Visitors.

Robert Brown

Sad news this week. Many of you will remember Robert and his brilliant work with Aura-Soma. He was a regular Community Member attending the first show at Market Rasen. Robert was a kind and generous man. He should also be remembered for organising fantastic Psychic Suppers and MBS Shows at the Trowell Festival Hall. He was the first person to organise such events at the venue.

Robert was also a well known spiritual healer and accomplished medium. He was a brilliant teacher of all aspects of spirituality and alternative healing. Few will realise he often travelled to America for mediumistic demonstrations and healing. In later years Robert had his therapy room at his home. Although Robert will be missed, Ian and I will always have great memories of a beautiful man. Bless you, Robert.

Robert Brown: LizianEvents Ltd

Robert Brown ~ Healer and Medium

Thank you as always for your support of The Well Being Show Brand and LizianEvents News. I hope you all have a happy and prosperous week and, as always:

See You Soon

Liz Clark ~ MD LizianEvents Ltd

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