Alongside his wonderful wife, Norma Richard has become one of the Well Being Show’s most popular attendees. Richard’s Well Being weekend always starts with a demonstration of his ethereal chimes, and from then on, he is non-stop with sound baths. And his formula for multiple gong therapy is so good that clients return time and again. Indeed, Richard is always booked pre-doors open. Many Community Members enjoy the sound bath treatment. This has to be a testament to his reputation and the quality of his work.

A gong bath is a sound therapy.

Gongs are designed to give a therapeutic sound or frequency resonance. Gong bath should be interpreted this way: ‘You are immersed in gentle and therapeutic sound waves.’

When listening to the sound, we evoke changes in brain waves. This is why music has such a powerful effect on our emotions. And in the long term, well-being. Songs and musical pieces stay with us for a lifetime.

Being bathed a-in sound is a fantastic experience, no wonder the practice has become so popular. In the interview, Richard talks about the gongs and how they are used. The first three minutes of the recording are of the gongs being played.

Enjoy the sound and interview:

Richard Gong Bath: LizianEvents

Thanks to Richard Hissitt for his demonstration and time to do this exciting interview.

This article concludes the Well Being Healing Week ~ We are certain many people who have read this week’s reports will have learned a great insight into the incredible work of the varied alternative healers who stand at The Well Being brand shows. Of course, many others attend the shows, and you can expect to read further updates about their work.

Thanks for being with us this week ~ Meet the therapists at every Well Being Show this year (2022).

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