Melanie Wellard Crystal Light Therapy – The Egyptians used dyed silk to produce a ‘light filter’ for healing purposes. The late Theo Gimbel wrote the famous ‘Healing Through Colour’ book, which is a fixed reference point to the colour healing practice.

There is plenty of evidence that sunlight and colour has a powerful influence on our moods and wellbeing. Light and crystal will inevitably be combined to produce a convincing alternative therapy.

Melanie Wellard is a Crystal Light Therapist who has built up an immense following at The Well Being Shows. We have received excellent feedback from Visitors who have enjoyed a therapy session with Melanie. Lyn comments: ’I feel so relaxed and calm after this session. I’m an alternative therapy convert and would defiantly recommend a session. I feel uplifted: Yes! It’s a brilliant alternative therapy’. Lyn enjoyed her sitting at the Newark Well Being Show.

The session begins with an introduction from Melanie: She decides on the therapy, and the client then lays on the comfortable couch, and the lights are gently turned on: After the session, the client realises they have enjoyed a superb method of alternative healing.

Talk to Melanie at The Well Being Shows and discover more about the brilliant ‘Crystal Light Therapy’.

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