The writer of this article points out this article is written from his perspective. It is not a scientific study and cannot be interpreted as a such. My session is as a way of investigating the possibilities of the effects of rebalancing one’s spiritual bio-resonance! Rachel made no claims as to the effects of the analysis. Rachel was more than fair with her explanation of the system.

During the Mansfield MBS Show, I talked to Rachel Bavin about her work with elemental balance. I found the conversation fascinating and decided to test the therapy.

Rachel explains how the equipment works. She takes a reading from my finger and then clips to sensors to my wrists. After a few minutes, the computer screens show the results.

Rachel Bavin

Rachel Bevin. Elemental Balance. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being. Wellbeing

Be sure I have not spoken to Rachel about the history of my wellbeing. The information proves to be surprisingly accurate The emotional aspect of the scan proved fascinating.

Racheal suggested my childhood has been somewhat difficult. The screen indicated there were emotional areas which had been overcome: although my unconscious and spiritual mind is still aware of the memory. It is easy to suggest this comment could apply to many people. I would reply: Rachel’s interpretation goes further than I’m prepared to make public. She isolated specific areas of childhood neglect (not abuse) and the comments are too specific to be dismissed.

Very little is said as Rachel explains the relevance of the colours shown on the screen. Her explanation becomes more and more interesting as: already mentioned: the diagnosis is close or on the spot. She now explains the equipment can rebalance the spiritual-energetic balance in my body. What is brilliant is Rachel’s fairness of explanation. She makes no wild or extravagant claims and she ensures I assess the information for myself: This is a wonderful attitude and very fair indeed… 

I sit and relax as the spiritual therapy takes place. After the session, the colours have changed. Some have not moved too far, and others have reduced by no small measure. Racheal explains the restoration of my energetic spiritual balance could require further sessions: Again she reinforces the idea I should assess the re-balance procedure for myself and further sessions would be of my own choice. I suspect the therapy continues after the session, and Racheal confirms that other clients have offered similar suggestions.

I decide to follow this first session with some more over the next eight months. Rachel will analyse my spiritual energy fields and I chose to have a rebalance at each Well Being Show this year.

Rachel Bevin. Elemental Balance. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being. Wellbeing

Would I recommend the therapy? If you are a spiritual thinker my suggestion is to try a session! If you are visiting an Inspirational Well Being Show have a session with Rachel. The process is entirely safe and should be tried and enjoyed.

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Please Note: Rachel makes no claims as to the curative or diagnostic effects of the analysis equipment she uses. Indeed, clients should consider the process as investigative. No claims are made for miracle cures. Clients and Vistors should seek professional medical advice for any issue (physical or mental) which causes concern.


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