What is Reiki to Me? – Hello, my name is Stuart Kerry, and I am a co-founder of Nottingham Reiki. I discovered Reiki quite by accident about ten years ago. When I say accident, I mean it came into my life when I’m sure it was the right time for me. My wife (Marie) and I had been looking at different types of self-help as Marie suffered from a breakdown and other issues.

We went to a mind, body and spirit event at Holme Pierpoint in Nottingham. Having never been to one before didn’t know what to expect, so we went along on Saturday. Besides a breakdown, Marie also suffered from anxiety about being far from home. No matter how close we were to the place we visited, if Marie said we needed to go back, then we did. On the way, we visited Marie’s favourite burger place for some nuggets. This got us close to the event, so we drove the few miles to the event.

Stewart and Marie Kerry. Nottingham Reiki. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Wellbeing. Well Being
Stewart and Marie Kerry. Nottingham Reiki.

It was in a sports hall, and we paid a few pounds for entry, including a free crystal! (mine was a tiger’s eye, I still have it today) Marie picked up a blue stone amethyst which is very understandable and appropriate. Little did we know this day was to change our lives.

We walked around this event wide-eyed, not seeing this sort of thing before. Lots of stalls selling crystals and angels and many types of treatments. Until we got comfy with the building, we were hand in hand. During the first ‘tour’, we stopped talking to people in the stands and picked up different stones and gifts.

During our investigation: we stopped in front of a table with a couch behind it, and there stood four people who said hello. One stepped out and asked if would we like to know about this type of therapy?

So what is it? It’s called Reiki. The guy said:’ Oh! Never heard of it,’ we replied!

“Well, it helps bring balance and peace to the body”,: and he put his hand on Marie’s shoulder and said: “you did well to get here today “.

Would you like to try it? “No,” said Marie, not today, so we carried on walking around the event as most people do. We grabbed a coffee and had another walk around, and found ourselves standing in front of the reiki guys again. This time they smiled and said back again? “Would you like to try?” “No!” came the answer again from Marie.

“I don’t want people looking at me”: He said we could turn the couch around or move our banner, but she declined again, saying thanks. We moved on, still looking around the other stalls. We brought a few items, just trinkets and a few shiny stones.

On our third walk around, we talked about the Reiki guy. She said how did he know it was a struggle to get here? Why don’t you try what they offer might help you, who knows? I said he probably says that to everyone, and you get lucky every so often, then she said, but he looked me in the eye, and I could feel he knew my struggle, so I said let go and see them.

So we walked around one more time and stopped at the Reiki people, and the guy stepped out and said we were ready now. I have moved the bed and the banner to make it private, and we are all free. You will have four of us working on you. Marie said how did you know I would come back? They smiled and said, “we can tell who needs Reiki, and you do”. 

I’m very protective of Marie, so I left her in good hands and walked around, stopping at the book stand. Still, my eyes never left that precious item of mine. They put her on the couch and seemed to stand around her, put their hands on certain parts of her body and stand there, or that’s what it looked like to me. I wandered about, came back, and waited: they were around the table chatting, all four in Marie’s sight. This took about 20 minutes all the time, I kept watch on her, but she seemed to be ok, no problem and looked like she was enjoying the time.

They sat her up, gave her a drink of water and asked, “how are you feeling?” Marie said it was peaceful. “I forgot about the people in the hall and just listened to the music”, she told them.

Marie Kerry. Nottingham Reiki. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Wellbeing. Well Being

They sat her upright and let her get off the couch. We paid and said thanks, walked away and grabbed a cold drink. As we sat, we talked about what they did. She said it felt tingly but peaceful, and why was I holding her down at the end? You had your hands on my shoulders and would let me get up. It must have been you as they all stood before her talking. 

I replied: “Well, it wasn’t me. I swear they must have had someone else helping!” 

“No, there were four of them, Mick, Maggie, Dave and Liz. Well, it must have been one of them. I could have sworn there was someone else there!” 

We left the event, and as we sat in the car ready to go, Marie said: 

“I don’t want to go home yet”.
I replied: “Are you sure?”
“Yep, let’s go for a drive around”.

Now that doesn’t sound much, but that was the effect Reiki had on Marie (she was Agoraphobic). So, usually, the only home was safe. That day we left the car park and spent two hours just driving around: doing nothing more but enjoying the sun and the air.

As we talked about the treatment, Marie said it calmed her down and felt good and different, but she couldn’t know how or why. But it showed in her smile, and the fact we were just out without fear was something new. 

The next day Marie asked if we could revisit the event: she had been thinking about Reiki all night and wanted to know more about it, and she had a list of questions to ask, so we returned. Marie asked her questions and had another treatment. 

This was the start of a fantastic time in our lives, and we joined the Reiki class. They taught us how Reiki worked and showed us how to use it: We went every week for two years: Advancing from student to master teacher, and then started our class in Nottingham.

We teach how we feel the right way: Giving people time to practice. We have been training every week for over ten years. We also attended a few events on our account. Even Marie gave speeches to groups of people. She was so different from the shy person of ten years before! 

Sadly 20 months ago, I lost the most precious person in my life: Marie died in July 2017. I was so hurt that I could not save the love of my life. I questioned everything about life and asked why she would be taken with so much to do. I even considered stopping the Reiki classes. 

And then, I listened to Marie’s words and asked what she would want me to do?

When we started the class, we had a binding idea: There are over 7 billion people on the planet, and if we can help just one, then our work and teaching have been fulfilled: And over the last ten years, we have worked, helped and healed many” one”. And if our ideal resonates with you as you read this essay, why not become someone who can help another person?

I continue to teach Reiki in weekly classes based in Sherwood. We have also added other therapies: Now, I find myself returning to mind, body and spirit events or, as we now know them, Well Being Show. I know Marie will be with us; she would love the evolution and return to the shows. 

The question is, WHAT IS REIKI? 

Well! Reiki is a universal healing energy that can be used by all who wish to see their fellow humans at peace and wellness. It is helping that one person, and Reiki brings peace and light to all people. From my viewpoint: Reiki is a passion: a love, and a way of life: and teaching Reiki from the heart and with emphasis means our students work for the good of all humankind.

Reiki is the most beautiful healing energy: I have seen many people change for the better after their attunements. And as new members join our group, I will help them improve their world. We enjoy working and learning together in peace and harmony.

Reiki Principles

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will not be angry
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

If you want to know more, ask! I love talking about Reiki and how it can change your life for the better. As you follow this incredible journey, you will discover a serene peace and kindness. Not only this, you become part of a family of people going back over ten years. And they will all be with you on your journey of discovery and peace.

I am Stuart from Nottingham Reiki. I teach Reiki from my heart and soul, in love and peace:

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