Staffordshire Well Being Show
The Mind Body and Soul Experience
13 + 14 August 2022
Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road

ST18 0BD

This show will have 65 attending Community Members and 24 talks and presentations over the weekend – The first Staffordshire Well Being Show in September 2021 proved to be an incredible success, and we build on the Community’s accomplishment and take the event to a new level. Many thanks to all the new Visitors we met over this fantastic weekend. Well done, Community and great to see so many new faces.



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The Staffordshire Well Being Show
The Mind Body and Soul Experience

Your Well Being Show ~ Mind Body and Soul Experience has attained tremendous interest. Community ~ Exhibitor bookings are growing every week. This can only mean a bigger and better show than our first event. With continuous local promotion, immense social media presence and an enthusiastic response from the public, the Well Being Show is sure to be a winner for both Community Exhibitors and Visitors.

Why Visit a Well Being Event?

When visiting a Well Being Event, you will discover an authentic positive atmosphere. Every one of the Community Members is dedicated to providing the best possible Well Being Experience for every Visitor. From wellbeing therapy to retail, Visitors soon realise they are in the company of kind and generous people. The Community have evolved into a beautiful group. Many were travelling from London and Newcastle on Tyne to be part of the Well Being Community. And the loyalty of Visitors from the Newark – Lincoln and Nottingham events is testimony to the quality of every event. Visitors become great friends of The Community. And the connections made at Well Being Event continue well after the show ends. Community Members continually acknowledge the unity of Visitors between events.

This is our second event at The Staffordshire Show Ground, and we look forward to meeting new Community Members and Visitors. Visitors were seeking ways to become a Well Being travel to the perfect place to find peace, calm and purpose. The talk schedule is a brilliant way to find new ideas and thoughts about all aspects of wellbeing. From spiritual to worldly, there is a presentation for every Visitor.

Every Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul event brings together groups of small businesses and people with a Well Being message and provides diverse and beautiful ways to find peace and calm, and harmony. Their objective is to help Visitors find ways to become a Well Being.

Smiles and Happiness Abound

What to Enjoy?

Holistic Healing
Alternative Therapies
Sound Gongs
Spiritual Counsellors
Mediums and Readers
Fair Trade Retail
Information Stands
Tai Chi
Music Presentations
Talks by Renowned Presenters
Live Streaming
Sound Therapy
Colour Healing
Children’s Activity Area
Past Life Regression
Esoterical Retail

Travelling to The Staffordshire Showground

This will be a fantastic event. Many of our regular Community Members and Visitors see the benefit of this Well Being Event. Only an hour drive from Manchester and Nottingham: 35 minutes from Telford and a 45-minute drive from Birmingham. This is also our first event within reach of Wales. A one-hour, 20 minutes drive from Welshpool. The Staffordshire Show Ground is ideally positioned for a brilliantly attended event.

Organiser’s Thoughts

We look forward to organising this superb addition to our yearly Well Being Calendar, and we know the Well Being Event will extend our visibility across the UK. As the calendar of events grows, so does Visitor awareness of the great effort made by The Community.

After the astounding success of the June 4 + 5 Lincolnshire Well Being Show, we know the Well Being Brand is making great headways with exhibitors and Visitors. The ethos of non-profit-centred and community-driven business practice resonates with many people. Our return on investment means exhibitors gain from standing at the best venues: with the finest of facilities.

The Well Being Shows have a unique atmosphere, with the ethos of wellbeing awareness. With Visitors returning time and again to soak up the relaxing atmosphere and recharge their mind, body and soul! The Community-based events have an enviable reputation for quality and excellent organisation.

The show ticks every box.

  1. Great Venue
  2. Ample free parking
  3. Many varied stands
  4. Extensive talks schedule
  5. Excellent food facilities

Everyone involved in the Well Being Brand will welcome new Community Exhibitors and Visitors to this well-placed and superb quality venue.

See You There!

Staffordshire Show Ground: LizianEvents Ltd

Staffordshire Show Ground Venue

Anyone familiar with our community-driven events knows how they make for a fabulous day or weekend of Well Being Enjoyment. Visitors can be sure of the usual Well Being Event atmosphere and welcome. And we know the event will surely bring many new Community Members and Visitors to the fantastic catchment area.

Attending Community Members

Stafford Well Being Show ~ Exhibitor List ~ Updated July 14

Ascension Art

Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant

Barrie John Medium

Brigitte Rix, Author of a series of channelled books 

Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall

Crystal Cave Online Ltd

Crystal Dragon Energies

Crystal Vibrations

Dance of Life

Darren Stanton, Author’ Project Jam Jar’

Darren Stanton, TV Psychologist

Divine Soul – Madeleine 

Earth Tree Healing Music & Art

Elemental Balance

Enquiring Minds

Ethically Gifted 

Feet First Reflexology

Fenix Flames 

Gary Longden Writer & Poet

Healing Hands

The Hemp Man

Innerlight Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

Jane Osborne, Author ‘Exploring Past Lives’

Jane Osborne Past Life Regression

The Life Improvement Coach

Magikal Echoes


Messages From The Soul

Native American Traditions 

OilFaction Aromatherapy

Oraphim Shungite

Richard’s Sound Bath Therapy

Rick Paul Spiritual Medium & Psychic

Sanctuary Reflexology

Sarah May – medium, psychic & reiki master

Self Help CDs – Peter Wall

Sparkle Reiki

Staffordshire Network for Mental Health

The Pyramid Lady

Tracey Spiritual Tarot

Tropic Skincare

The Urban Monk

The Wine College – Wine is Wellbeing

Woodland Trust

Darren Stanton, TV Psychologist
Innerlight Academy of Clinical Hypnosis
Staffordshire Network for Mental Health
The Urban Monk
Woodland Trust

Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant
Barrie John Medium
Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium & Psychic
Sarah May – medium, psychic & reiki master

Crystal Cave Online Ltd
Crystal Dragon Energies
Crystal Vibrations
Earth Tree Healing Music & Art
Ethically Gifted
Fenix Flames
Hands R4 Healing
Healing Hands
The Hemp Man
Magikal Echoes
Native American Traditions
Oilfaction Aromatherapy
Self Help CDs by Peter Wall
The Soul Order
The Pyramid Lady
Tropic with Heather Duncan

Enquiring Minds
Feet First Reflexology
Healing Hands
Richard’s Sound Bath Therapy
Sanctuary Reflexology

Talks Schedule

Saturday 13 August

Room 1

11am Brigitte Rix – French afterlife lady and author of eight channelled books – 

12noon  Nicki Swinson – Magikal echoes

Crystals for psychic protection

1pm Jane Osborne – Author ‘exploring past lives’

Past life regression

2pm Angela barker – Fenix flames

Herbal incense, how you can create and use natural incense for your purpose

3pm Octavia Vasilescu – the Hemp Man

Hemp and benefits of CBD oil 

4pm Barrie John medium

Join Barrie John for a fascinating talk about his work, his experiences and messages from your loved ones

Room 2

11am Shane Darbey  – messages from the soul

Drumming workshop – audience participate in a lively drumming workshop to start the day and raise your vibrations – bring your own drum or use of Shane’s

12noon Peter Wall – Innerlight Academy of hypnosis

Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis 

1pm Don and Carole Harradine – Dance of Life

2pm Keith Forest – Sparkle Reiki

Keith is a Reiki Healer, author, singer and songwriter – he weaves all of this together in his presentation 

3pm Darren Stanton – TV psychologist

Darren talks about his work and shares tips on how to spot when people are lying

4pm Alan Wood – Native American traditions

Followed by Sage Smudging ceremony outside (weather permitting)

Room 3

12noon Gary Cresswell – Life Improvement Coach 

1 pm the wine college – wine is well-being workshop

3pm  Starseed Madeliene 

Sunday 14 August

Room 1

11am Rick Paul spiritual medium & Author 

My journey and connections to spirit

12noon Brigitte Rix the French afterlife lady and author of eight channels books

1pm Gary Cresswell – Life Improvement Coach 

2pm Gary Longden – Poet & Writer 

The Golden Age of Spiritualism 

3pm Shane Darbey – Messages from the Soul

Crystal Skull Workshop 

Room 2 

11am Richard Hissitt – Sound Healing 

Demonstration of sound healing 

12noon Niki Swindon – Magikal Echoes

Crystal Grids for you and your home 

1pm Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk 

A Journey of Transformation 

2pm Di Wall – Counselling with cartouche 

The Egyptian Connection 

3pm Sarah May – Medium, Radio Presenter 

Demonstration of mediumship and messages from spirit 

Room 3 

11am Angela Barker – Fenix Flames 

Candle Magic 

1pm The Wine College – Wine is Well-being workshop 

(Subject to change)

This weekend’s show has fantastic talks and presentation schedules. Many people will travel to Staffordshire Showground this weekend to sit and listen to wise words and ideas. The venue has perfect presentation rooms, which are large spacious and comfortable. They are well aired and provide the safest of environments.

Each presentation lasts around 35 minutes in a one-hour time allocation, leaving time for a few questions and answers after the talk. Of course, Visitors can talk to the presenter at their stand following the presentation.

Talks schedules are very much part of The Well Being Brand. The Community’s reputation for a vast range of talks has helped the awareness of Well Being Shows and their Community. We have recorded many of the presentations and streamed them over the internet. The lectures will not be streamed at this event due to time constraints.

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